Saturday, October 19, 2013

Blessed Sunrise and God's FAITHFULNESS

Our creator is faithful to give us light each day as the dawn occurs faithfully each day. It is a constant in our lives that we take for granted so often. It has the same effect but is different each day just like the sunset. So very beautiful and different but the same each day. The gorgeous colors and patterns are made by the Master artist. May the awe of His creation point us to His Majesty.


  1. Bonnie, Your pictures are beautiful....and your blog is looking good...looks like you've been making some changes...
    You are so right about the sky pointing to His majesty...Happy Sunday to you..
    Love, Mona

  2. We do take so much for granted... such splendor we come to expect as common... thank you for reminding us... blessings ~ tanna

  3. I love how you pointed out our Master's faithfulness. How would it be if there was no light and no sun. What beautiful pictures you took. Joni

  4. He truly is the Master artist. Gorgeous images.

  5. Hi Bonnie,

    Just nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog!

    Brittany Ruth

  6. You are so right to remind us of the beauty God gives us every day. If we just take the time to look around us, it is everywhere. I take comfort knowing that the same sun that is shining down on us at our house is also shining down on my son another state over (in boot camp). And, the stars at night are the same.

  7. Bonnie, isn't funny that with all the
    technology that floods our lives, sunrises
    and sunsets can still take our breath away!
    These are amazing shots, my friend.
    I hope your week has been very blessed,
    so far.....

    xo Suzanne


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