Thursday, October 17, 2013

Venice and the Magic of Serenissima

This is what the starting point looked like as we boarded several small boats. We never saw how our luggage traveled. When we arrived at the hotel later our luggage was in our rooms.
We rode from the mainland on private launches similar to this on the Grand Canal. My mind was racing with excitement and there was so much to see. You can read about a city but being in Venice  and seeing the sites for myself was a thrill for me.

The cruise ships are huge that are cruising by.
St. Mark's Square is full of people and many pigeons.

The Doges Palace with its gothic architecture made of pink and white marble was the seat of the Venetian government and home to the ruling duke or doge for 400 years. The doge lived with his family on the first floor.

You can view a fabulous panaroma of San Marco Square here.

The water front side of the Doges Palace. Stunning architecture with gorgeous  quatrefoil  on this beautiful palace.

The statue with the lion was our tour groups meeting place. Do you see the green umbrella? Guides use umbrellas to have their groups gather around to  go to the next activity. We heard the familiar phrase, andiamo ( 'ahn-DYAH-moh) which means "let's go" often.
The clock tower was built in1496! At the top of the tower there are bronze men ( Moors) that swing their clappers together chiming on the hour.

St. Mark's Basilica is exquisite and huge. More detail in the next picture.

 Saint Mark's Basilica with gorgeous mosaics.

The ultimate excitement was our gondola ride on the watery streets.

 The venetian canals are romantic and the facades of the homes are decorated with beautiful flowers.
It is amazing to watch the gondoliers skill. 

Our gondola ride was magical with romantic songs being sung as we drifted beneath the bridges. You can see the Bridge of Sighs behind us. Of all times to get our picture made I missed photographing the famous bridge. Oh well, I made too many pictures anyway! According to Rick Steves, supposedly a condemned man would be led over this bridge on his way to the prison, take one last look at the glory of Venice and sigh. You can walk across the bridge from the inside by visiting the Doges Palace.

Later after our dinner we were again treated to a fairytale evening boarding water taxi's to view the Grand Canal and see all the palaces illuminated. Sorry for a blurred pic but keep in mind I am in a similar water taxi making this pic of some of our group.

This was so much fun I didn't want it to end.

Quite a nice 42nd anniversary present!

After our cruise we sat in one of the cafes adjacent to St. Mark's square listening to a live orchestra sipping a Bellini.  What a delightful evening it was!

I hope you enjoyed traveling with me to Venice. My next post will be Assisi and Spello and then onto Sorrento, Capri and Positano. Would you consider following my blog if you are not already a follower. Please tell me what your thoughts are about this post. Your comments mean so much.

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  1. Bonnie, you pics of Venice are so wonderful. Andiamo! I have never been, and maybe never will go, but to ride on a gondola in the as you "say watery streets" looks so fabulous! Happy 42! What a great gift you will never forget. Joni

  2. Glad that you had fun in Venice and Happy Anniversary! Looking forward to seeing your takes on Capri and Sorrento!

  3. I loved your tour of Venice. I love Venice. The Doges Palace was wonderful and to learn about the history of the Italian City was amazing. I going to look at Rome and I will be following your blog. Thanks for sharing. Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  4. Your time in Venice looks magical. I've walked around there but did not get to take either a gondola ride or a water taxi. I would love to do that someday. That cruise boat is huge!

  5. The PERFECT anniversary gift, I'd say!! {big sigh} LOVE Italy! blessings ~ tanna

  6. Hi Bonnie, It looks like you had an amazing anniversary in Venice! I am so happy I found you through "The Tablescaper" and can't wait to read through your older posts.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. You got some really fabulous photos of Venice. It's still on my list - one of these days...

  8. I hope to visit there some day!

  9. Venice is a place of wonder. Don't you just love canal travel? Enjoy, my friend.

  10. fabulous holiday, you are stirring back my memories, we spent a month in europe on our honeymoon, our cruise ended in venice, heavy sigh of contentment... you look so happy, love armchair traveling!

  11. I'm your newest follower...I already thought that I did follow you, but I was mistaken...consider that issue resolved. Your pictures of Venice are delightful. We didn't make it to Venice on our trip, so I really enjoyed your take on this grand old city. I wondered who was on the upper floors of the Doge Palace. Thanks for taking us along. Cherry Kay

  12. Oh Bonnie, you make me want to go back to Italy. Isn't Venice magical? It looks like you are having a blast. And happy anniversary! Looking forward to more posts of Italy! ~Delores

  13. What a beautiful tour of Venice and a memorable way to spend your anniversary. We spent part of our 10th there a few years ago. Love Venice and you captured its romance and magic. We didn't do the gondola ride and will save it for next time. Looking forward to reading the rest of your Italy posts.

  14. I love Venice. The first time my husband was there, he called it an adult Disney Land! But I have never seen a cruise ship there. So neat. It looks positively huge.

    Great to have you at Oh the Places I've been!

    - The Tablescaper

  15. Thank you for sharing - oh, how I would love to visit Venice! The water looked choppy and that huge ship dwarfed everything.

  16. Looked like an enchanting and romantic adventure. Great pictures...I'm so glad y'all were able to go.


  17. What a magical place and
    romantic evening! I've only
    been to Rome, but would love
    to return and see Venice (among
    many other lovely spots in Italy)!

    Thank you for sharing the magic.

    xo Suzanne

  18. Beautiful Bonnie and what a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary! I've always thought the canals and gondola rides sounded so romantic. Thanks so much for the virtual tour, it's likely the only one I'll take :)

  19. Lovely pictures. I just traveled vicariously (sp?) with you enjoying your beautiful photographs. Thanks for sharing. Maxine

  20. Venice is my favorite city in Italy, followed by Florence, and I enjoyed seeing your photos of it, Bonnie. I have a 40th wedding anniversary coming up and would love to go there for the third time, but we may have to wait a couple years until our granddaughter is in school in order to escape the USA for a trip abroad. :)

  21. Wonderful tour, thanks for sharing it on the travel linky.

  22. Bonnie, Venice is one of my favorite is magical and romantic! You captured so much of its beauty. I have been twice and we were also there in 2013 for our 40th anniversary! Thanks for the memories, have you made your travel plans for this year?

  23. Wow - what a place to spend your anniversary! Your photos are beautiful and you brought back some wonderful memories. I visited Venice with friends about 25 years ago and would love to go back someday. Truly a magical place! Thanks for sharing at Take Me Away! Enjoy your weekend!

  24. Wonderful pictures, Bonnie! You really captured the magic of Venice!


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