Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Visiting our son and family out West!

Our son's family has just moved into a different house so they are still getting settled. I love their house! 

Scenery out of the guest room window.

Back patio.

Couldn't resist snapping some tabletops to share.

These cowboy boots were my son's when he was a little boy.

I really like this antique chest and it has great storage for toys downstairs.

Three generations. Thank you, God.

We ate well.

Great eatable tabletops!

But this precious one was the main attraction!

We were "over the moon!"

 Good night moon!

Goodnight James, Sarah and Will. We love you! Thank you for a wonderful visit!

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  1. What a beautiful family and a beautiful home!!! LOVE your grandson!@!!!!!!!!


    Is that Arizona?

  2. What a treat for you to spend time with that cute family. Your son looks like you. Your photos are getting better and better.

  3. Beautiful post and gorgeous family, Bonnie!

  4. Bonnie, What a wonderful everything - the sweet family, their home, the mountain view, etc. I'm sure you are very proud of that little guy - what a cutie.

    Thanks so much for your note on my blog, and especially for your prayers. Joplin has felt the amazing support and continued prayers from around the world. Obviously, we still have an eight-mile strip of nothing through the center of town, but things are slowly moving forward. We have a new location in Joplin for part of our business and we still have the majority of our production being done in Dallas. We feel very blessed that, at the end of the day, we can still go home and have a normal life - so many people are still in temporary housing. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Eventually, I will get back to my blog.

  5. What a lovely family! There's just no substitute for this kind of family get together!

  6. Bonnie, this looks like the PERFECT destination for a visit to me. Beautiful, good food, but MOST of all a grandbaby!!! Your family is just beautiful and, yes, worthy of a heartfelt, "Thank God." I share your long-distance grandparent love. I am so glad you stopped by so that I could find my way here! I look forward to coming back. blessings ~ tanna


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