Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Voila! A gift to you from FRANCE!

Saveurs de Provence Restaurant- Saint Rémy de Provence

After a long wonderful day of sightseeing we chose this restaurant mostly because it was the first one we came to. We did not have a recommendation. We were not disappointed! 

 My starter was served on a slate plate and not only was it pretty but it was delicious.
We were asked if we wanted water with or without gas. They serve sparkling water in very nice gourmet bottles. By this time we had learned you could ask for tap water and they brought it in the cute little green pitcher.

This lady's smile lit up the room and was contagious. My husband and I both noticed the mood she set for the entire restaurant.

 My main course was lamb with morels and it could not have been better.
 Every course was like an artist's painting with lovely embellishments. I think the words mango and chocolate sauce was enough for me to make this choice. My husband ordered the cheese plate for dessert.

This was our waiter who spoke English which helped us so much. Our meal was such a pleasant experience. The tables were close together because it was rather small. I enjoyed watching people and wished I could know more about them. My husband was so moved by the pleasant lady we couldn't help but notice. He had an app on his Iphone that translated english into french. Before I knew it he typed something in and as the lady with the infectious smile passed and after asking her if she spoke english and she said she didn't he showed her what he had written on his phone. He wrote, Thank you for your beautiful smile! When she read it she just beamed and was so appreciative. It was such a pleasant exchange for us because we felt so welcome in such a cordial atmosphere. I think she may have been the owner but I will never know. 

The whole time we were eating I kept thinking how cute that little pitcher was and wondering where could I buy one in France like it. I wondered if they might have bought it at a local store or the local market which I knew would be in a couple of days. I decided I would try to ask our waiter where I might purchase a similar pitcher. He picked up the pitcher and went to the front of the restaurant. Can you guess what happened? He came back, set the pitcher on the table and said, " VOILA, A gift to you from FRANCE!" Needless to say I was THRILLED and SURPRISED!
This is Part Five in the series of our trip to Provence. Please stay tuned to much more to come. I love to know who is out there reading. If you don't have a blog you can check anonymous and then sign your name. I would be honored you stopped by to visit.

Here is the little green pitcher that traveled from France to my kitchen in Alabama. When I look at it I smile and remember St Rémy.  I wonder what the lady's name was and when her baby is due and what our waiter's name was too. I love how they say, VOILA! If anyone travels to St. Rémy de Provence please eat at the Saveurs de Provence Restaurant!

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  Voila! A gift to you from FRANCE!


  1. That is a fantastic story of your time at the wonderful restaurant with the smiling woman and that they gave you the charming water pitcher!~!!! Stories like that are the reason that I LOVE to travel and I LOVE Europe!!!! Seriously!!!!


  2. What a wonderful experience and an adorable pitcher that you'll cherish with your memories! Your meal looks & sounds delicious! Don't you love those apps for smart phones? :-)

  3. I know that restaurant....and it is lovely and she is adorable....So happy you had a fabulous trip....xv

  4. What a fantastic gift! Your food looks absolutely lovely! It truly is artistically presented. Oh, it is hard to be home isn't it! Enjoy your treasure, it is perfect. I am so glad that it made it home safely too.

  5. I agree with you that food presentation in Provence is like a work of art. For me, that makes everything taste better.

  6. Oh, this is a lovely story, Bonnie! What a grand time you had, and I certainly see why you fell in love with that little beauty of a jug! Aren't people wonderful? No matter what corner of the world we travel to, friendship is always offered, even if tentatively on occasion. I did like reading of your husbands message on his iphone...very sweet. And, or course, a smile needs no translation...:)

  7. Bonnie - I don't know if Amy has mentioned to you, but I have LOVED all your posts about travels abroad. I have asked her to remind you to bring your pictures next visit and maybe we could plan a tea time to look at pictures. They are all so beautiful and I'd love to hear you talk about them. Your blog is so fun and interesting- keep it up! Love, Denise

  8. In my many trips to France I have yet to make it to Provence. Next time. I will surely eat here. The pitcher was worth toting home.

    Happy 4th!

  9. What a lovely series about your travels to Provence! I am just reading this through Linda Primmer's links to your site (May 9, 2017) ~ just a little while since you originally posted. :) I am looking to update my own blogsite as it needs help.

    Thank you for a lovely time,
    Barb Chapman :)

    1. Hello Bonnie, just rereading this lovely story again after last week's visit where I was honored to meet you in downtown Dallas! So nice to see you and give you a real hug, as you mentioned in a new post {Feb. 2018}. Fun to read your travels again through Provence... sigh! Thank you for letting us live vicariously through your travels!


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