Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bluebirds, Robins and Daffodils

It was a beautiful warm sunny day on Saturday! I couldn't stay inside and was so excited when a host of male bluebirds came into my garden. When I saw them I ran  inside to get my camera and made these pictures from my bedroom window. I was holding my breath that I could get just one good picture. What a blessing! Earlier this week I admired Brenda's post on Bluebirds at Cozy Little House . It was a nice surprise to have some come to my house.

He had the best time taking a bath but not as much fun as I had watching him. Wish I had taken a movie. 

We want to put up several bluebird boxes but don't really have a good place because they like open spaces for nesting.  After the bluebird we had a parade of birds come to the birdbath. Next was a sparrow, then a robin and I made their pictures too.

Sorry, the shadow is from the window sill! I wish I had played around with the editing feature on iphoto before I started this post but I didn't!  This robin had a grand time also with bath time.

Time to dry but wouldn't pose for me so red breast showed.
How do you know the male from the female robin? 

It has been in the seventies all week which has been glorious! All my daffodils are open and make me so happy.

I haven't counted in a while so I don't remember how many varieties of camellias I have. They have not done as well this year.
I love the peppermint variety.

 It was a wonderful day sprucing up my garden after a cold winter and lots of wind and rain. Some people would call it work but it was a joy to rake leaves, pick up sticks and pine cones, deadhead plants and pull weeds. It was especially nice because I have been nursing plantar fasciitis and some other leg issues. I felt so blessed to feel better.

I am joining Susan for Outdoor Wednesday . 


  1. This photos are wonderful! I never see my birds get in my bird bath, darn it! I don't know why they don't seem to get in mine. Those flowers: glorious! How do you tell the male from the female bluebird? Is the male more colorful?

  2. Incredible photos, and a nice reprieve from the nasty weather we have had. Happy to have found your blog!

  3. I loved all your photos and your models were very accommodating today.

  4. I loved visiting your blog this week.
    Joyce M

  5. Gorgeous photos. I love camelias.

    I am ready for Spring!

  6. Great pictures. I try to get pictures of birds but they are to fast for me. I just need to keep my camera around my neck at all times. Happy Spring!! I hope the warm weather sticks around.

  7. Glorious shots, and you are so lucky to get to see these beautiful birds!! The males are the colorful ones.

  8. Great pictures of the birds and flowers! We're still in pre-apring mode here...lots of birds, as I feed them daily, but only the faintest hint of buds putting in an appearance. Your lovely photos show us what we have to look forward to soon...:)


  9. Oops...of course, that's pre-spring mode!!


  10. What wonderful shots of your birds bathing! I love the one of the robin with the water droplets! Gorgeous camellias~ LOVE that peppermint one too :-)

  11. Great shots of the birds! I would sit on my garden swing not moving and holding my breath just to watch the show-enjoy:@)


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