Saturday, October 30, 2010

September in London

London is a fabulous city, however, it was crowded everywhere.

Sunday Roast at the Salisbury.

Westminster Abbey's Sunday service was for me the highlight of our trip. The magnificent surroundings and beautiful music brought tears from my heart as I experienced worship like never before. It was truly incredible.

I've heard so much about Porto Bello Road and the wonderful antiques. Well, we went to Porto Bello Road along with thousands of other people but never saw the antiques. We were at the food market end of Porto Bello Road. I should have asked more questions. I did buy a pretty silk scarf there.

Food markets at Porto Bello Road.

Aren't these children adorable? I wanted to capture everyday life as I observed people.

 Scenes from the river cruise along the Thames River. Incredibly beautiful and exciting.

The sightseeing buses are nice to ride to get an overview of the city. You can get off and on whenever you like.
St Paul's Cathedral was an awesome experience. Seeing the painting of Jesus entitled," The Light of the World ", was an overwhelmingly awesome experience. You were allowed to take pictures without a flash but I lost many of my pictures when an error occurred as I downloaded my pictures onto my computer. I do regret deleting them from my camera. Live and Learn!
This was an unexpected moment I could not resist. As we were touring St Paul's we saw a wedding party posing for pictures. I was so touched by the groom's attentiveness to his bride. He lifted her onto the niche and gently smoothed out her gown very carefully only for the photographer to change his mind having him lift her off the alcove niche to repeat the arduous rearranging of her gown. As you can see she was very beautiful. All the wedding party was dressed so nicely I could not help but stare and wanted to snap more pictures. I felt as if I were intruding even across the room so I did not. I recognized the mother of the bride and groom and they wore hats to beat the band. Just like royalty and I guess to be married in St. Paul's Cathedral you have to be special. I was blown away by the moment.

You can get caught up in all the excitement in Trafalgar Square quite easily. It has the same effect on you like Times Square in New York. Day or night there are people speaking every language imaginable. 

The National Portrait Gallery. None of the museums in London charge admission.  You could spend days in each one. My brain was on overload the entire time but it was so exciting to experience!

The National Portrait Gallery is so beautiful and as we strolled through viewing the portraits we realized something exciting was going on. We felt fortunate to take advantage of a violin and piano concert performing selections from Brahms. After the performance, we decided to check out the wonderful view on the top floor of the Gallery. We were not disappointed.
This is the spectacular view from the restaurant at the top of the National Portrait Gallery. We wanted to have dinner there but had not made a reservation and they were having a special event.  I can imagine how wonderful it would be to leisurely have dinner and look out at everything at Trafalgar Square and take in the night views.

Pub food in London is very good and after walking all day you enjoy the Fish and chips for  lunch or dinner with no guilt.  

I thought it would bother me to be so high but the London Eye turns so slowly and you feel secure in the large capsule. Seeing Buckingham Palace, all the crowds along the Thames enjoying a concert, and all the major sites in London was a thrill.

The view was incredible! You could see for miles and it was so exciting to recognize landmarks.

Although we had been to Buckingham Palace before it was still a thrill to observe the changing of the guard again. I could not help but think about Charles and Diana's wedding when the royal family came out on the balcony as well as other historical times when the family appeared and waved to the people.

Our 39th-anniversary trip will never be forgotten.  I've skipped around sharing pictures on my blog in no special order. I am still smiling. It has been a month since we were on our trip but we still are talking about it. I have many more pictures to share.

I am joining Laura for Wayfaring Wednesday.


  1. Love your photos of England- that's on my wish list of places I want to visit. :)

  2. Bonnie, these pictures are stunning! That pub lunch looked delicious! I love the picture of you both at Buckingham place-what a gorgeous couple you are! I have been thinking about taking a trip to New York for my 40th birthday next year but now I am thinking I want to go back to London!!

    Best wishes and "Happy Anniversary"!

  3. beautiful pictues..the food especially the fish and chips look so good

  4. What beautiful pictures. I felt like I was going along with you. Thanks for sharing.


  5. What a wonderful adventure you shared with us today! thank you! It was so fun to look at all the photos!

  6. What a grand tour you took us on. Thank you so much. Just lovely.

  7. I so love your shots. I feel that I am there too. And the food wow it looks delish! Happy Wednesday!
    At the creek

  8. What a wonderful anniversary trip...I have never been looks beautiful and so much history there!

  9. I love your London pictures! My husband and I did that three years ago, and I still get excited thinking about it...all those museums and inspiring! I particularly like your picture of the bride. When we were recently in Salt Lake City, many weddings were being photographed at the same time at the was fun to see that many brides at once.

  10. Such beautiful photos that captured the city so well! I love the wedding photos and the photos of you. It is always a treat to see the blog author :)

    Happy Anniversary!

  11. I love the pumpkin bouquet on your heading. Your travel pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

    Thanks for the note you left on my last post.

  12. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so I could remember to come visit yours. What beautiful photos! I would love to visit London someday. I have been to Paris and I know what you mean about the being in those ancient churchs. Although we did not experience a worship service it was such an awesome experience just to walk through them. I love all your photos as you really did seem to capture life in England. Thanks for sharing these!

  13. This was an amazing post! It made my whole night...really - it reminded me of 2 previous trips to London with my kids. And the wedding scene touched me because I have 2 sons who seem to be on the verge of proposing to their lovely girls (shhhhh...I didn't just say that, did I?) I think they would fix their brides'gowns too - aren't sons wonderful?

    I want to go back to London now...I really enjoyed this.

  14. Oh, I do love England...your pictures broght back many precious memories...such a wonderful anniversary celebration. Thanks for sharing your special journey. Cherry Kay

  15. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! You must keep your travel posts coming every week! Your images are incredible. I adore those schoolchildren.

    Thank you for linking up!

  16. Thanks for sending me this link! It was fun to look at all of the places from a different perspective. Next time I would definitely love to visit some of the museums. We tried to make it to the British Mueseum and Portrait Gallery, but we too close to closing time. My mom was nervous about the London Eye too, but like you said, it's not bad once you are on it.


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