Monday, July 12, 2010

Visiting Grown Children- Part 2

Two consecutive weekends visiting our children's homes and I am still smiling.  In this post we are celebrating the fourth at our daughter's home. We always eagerly anticipate the great food we will enjoy and this time was no exception.

Appetizer was incredibly delicious! We could have eaten another plate full.

Burgers with sweet potato fries and fresh grilled corn! Scott is a master on the Green Egg.

Our family has always loved peach ice cream and  Alabama Chilton County peaches are the best.

I did remark that making homemade ice cream is like putting lights on the Christmas tree because something always goes wrong. I won't elaborate on all the issues but in the end it was worth it. It's always fun to pull the dasher out and get a taste before the freezer gets wrapped in towels for the ice cream to ripen. Thanks, Scott, for all your hard work.

                                                                   ~Peach Ice Cream~

Graddy and Sophie: No words needed here.

We felt so blessed to enjoy the grandkids and their parents. The weather was much more moderate and sitting on their deck watching the water gun fights, sparkler fun and baseball practice was very enjoyable.

Water gun fight!

This picture is blurred but I just had to share it. After supper one of the nights we all danced and had so much fun.

This is just a small glimpse into part of the good food and fun activities over a three day weekend.  We always enjoy going to church with them, too. It was pretty special to hear my grandson's sweet voice in my ear next to me. He takes after his mother and daddy.

They have just moved into a bigger house and have done so much in a short time. I will show you a few rooms.

Master Bedroom

Great room


My talented daughter inspired me to start blogging. We had so much fun Amy, Scott, Noah and Sophie! Thanks for a wonderful weekend.

To both of my grown children: Those sweet words,"I love you" are beautiful music to my ears. I am incredibly proud of you and the mates you have chosen and the godly men and women the four of you are. Thank you for our grandchildren.

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  1. I want to be invited to your family BBQ's....this looks absolutely delicious. Roll me out in the nearest wheelbarrow. What a lovely time. Nice to meet you on FF.


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