Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Charm of Hydrangeas

I fell in love with hydrangeas many years ago.  A special generous friend had beautiful hydrangeas and allowed me to cut as many as I needed anytime I entertained. Her flowers were so beautiful we used them in arrangements for my daughter's wedding. In fact, I rooted some of the flowers from the wedding and enjoy them now eleven years later.

Not long after the wedding I moved to another house and moved the hydrangeas too!
I've purchased and have been given many different varieties but can always be tempted to buy a new cultivar.

Would you believe I now have 82 hydrangeas plants? I just walked through the garden and counted and even I am amazed! 

My prayer and dream to have enough plants to make all the arrangements I wanted and share generously with others was answered!  It has also been a joy to share many rooted plants.

I am linking to a Southern daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.


  1. Hi!The hydrangeas are my favorites, I love them!
    and I miss it becouse, here is winter!


    visit me anytime...

  2. Question- Did you notice the blue question mark after the last picture ? If if you click on it you can see the picture.

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this on blogger?

  3. Hi, Bonnie! I just saw your note on my blog. Thanks so much for visiting. I am a new blogger so I can't help you with any blog issues but if I can, I would be happy to help with any photography questions you may have. Your hydrangeas are absolutely gorgeous. They don't do well here but I love them. The luxury of being able to cut as many as you want must be wonderful!

  4. Love your images. I have an obsession for hydrangeas. I think I have at least five or six different varieties, each uniquely beautiful. I am just getting to the point of having enough to give away.

  5. The hydrangeas are my favorites.Love your images.

  6. I'm with you....I love hydrangeas and am so delighted to have many blooming in my yard. Some are climbing, some are puff balls, some are flat and they are pink, blue and white. Aren't we lucky to have such beauty in our yard?
    By the way, tonight I shouted for joy as we went on a late afternoon boat ride and the beauty surrounded me!


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