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Hi, I am Bonnie from Living with Thanksgiving. I stand in awe of God's Faithfulness to me and His mercies are new every morning.

Our creator is faithful to give us light each day as the dawn occurs everyday without fail. It is a constant in our lives that we take for granted so often. It is the same each day but is different with splashes of majestic colors lighting up the sky just like every glorious sunset. So very beautiful and different but continual each day. The gorgeous colors and patterns are made by the Master artist. May the awe of His creation point us to His Majesty.

What are your passions?
In 2012, I wrote about my passions.


What are your passions?

Everything I read about blogging suggests that you should write about your passions and be yourself. Pioneer Woman says write like you talk to your sister. French Essence says write about the things you are passionate about. So here goes.... Ok, the things I am passionate about are: God, family and friends in that order. I'll begin with first things first, the one who knew me before I was born (Psalm 139) my Creator and Heavenly Father.
In late August, last year I wrote an email to my daughter about something that happened to me.

The sun is rising over the golf course now and as I sit at the kitchen table it is so beautiful. I tried yesterday to capture it on the camera and today. I failed both times. Yesterday, I threw my clothes on and with camera in hand ran through the back neighbors yard hoping to capture it but was disappointed the trees blocked it. However, today I realized I don't think my camera is equipped for that.
The other wonderful realization I had was how I  ran to the light and felt the grandeur and magnificence of the sun. I know when we are in the presence of God it will be a thousand times more beckoning. We will bow and sing, HOLY, HOLY, HOLY,  and not know more ecstasy.

Most of the time you will see me just like this picture with my reading glasses on top of my head.
I get up early and my day begins with a quiet time of reading scripture, prayer and reflection and that cup of coffee I must have. I feel God's presence and love guiding and directing me through scripture. He convicts me of wrong thoughts and words. He changes my heart. Ezekiel 36:26 is a favorite passage. Psalm 139,Psalm 19, John 14-15, Ephesians 2:8 are also special to me. All scripture is from God.What a treasure my Bible is to me.
 I never stop learning and have many interests. Some of my favorite interests are:
1. Photography is a passion of mine, however, I am still a work in progress.  Since I began blogging I have made thousands of pictures. Making family pictures is a large part of my photo cache. I love to record family vacations and photograph nearly all the food we eat as well as what we do. People other than bloggers think I'm crazy.The french faux bois bench photograph below and blooming cherry tree cast it's spell on me in St. Rèmy, Provence. Other favorite photography pics are posted here.(livingwiththanksgiving.blogspot.com/2013/06/sensory-delight.html)

2. Traveling: One of the thrills of my life has been the blessing to travel abroad the last few years. There were many "pinch me, is this really me" moments. I don't have words to tell you the thrill I felt traveling through France, England and Italy.   The gondola ride in Venice ( pictured below) was exciting and beyond my expectations.  I think of the many beautiful and exciting sights and experiences we enjoyed on our wonderful trips all the time. Thank you dear husband, for these beautiful memories. I could go on and on because traveling is quite addicting. You always want to see another place.

Here are links to a few more travel posts:  Paris: http://livingwiththanksgiving.blogspot.com/2012/02/paris-on-my-mind.html
                                                     Rome, Italy~The Eternal City http://livingwiththanksgiving.blogspot.com/2013/10/rome-italythe-eternal-city.html 

3.Tablescaping: My first blog post was a Thanksgiving tablescape which evoked the name of my blog~ Living With Thanksgiving. I love to "play in the dishes" as I've heard it called. Again, it is hard to pick a favorite.  http://livingwiththanksgiving.blogspot.com/2013/06/garden-tour.html
4. Gardening: I enjoy gardening and it has brought me great joy and satisfaction.  My garden is primarily a shade garden dictated by my location. I love all flowers but hydrangeas and camellias are high on my list. I enjoy being in a local garden club and was glad to have the opportunity to complete the master gardener course a few years back. 
5. Flower Arranging: I have so many vases I am running out of room to store them all.  Selecting just the right vase and arranging flowers is therapy for me. It is a delight to cut flowers from your garden and fashion an arrangement to enjoy in your home. When you have a vision for something and it turns out well, it is very satisfying.  I get my love of flowers from my mother and remember fondly how every flower thrilled her. 

Do you see how each interest of mine plays on another? I love to grow flowers,  arrange them for centerpieces and preserve the memory with a photograph. I enjoy traveling and never tire of making hundreds of pictures of each destination and every family outing. Therefore, blogging is a large part of my life sharing my interests with those that share some of the same interests.

Thank you for reading my blog. I have come to love many of you I have never meet and feel a strong kinship with you. Bonnie@livingwiththanksgiving


  1. Bonnie, I have been visiting your blog this morning and I can't believe all of our common interests! I am thrilled to meet you and so glad you commented on my blog about being a fellow Alabamian! I realize that you haven't posted since February, but what I see is beautiful! Blessings, Pam (www.everydayliving.me)

  2. Bonnie, I just found your blog as I was doing searches to promote my new book. I am a Christian pastor and blogger (364DaysofThanksgiving.com). I love your blog and especially your understanding about what Thanksgiving is all about. If you have a chance, check out my blog or my book "364 Days of Thanksgiving." May God bless you richly as you continue to see how richly you are blessed!

  3. Hello Bonnie,
    I feel like you ~ I'm always trying to capture the God Light! I can get a version of it but never totally what my eye sees. But, maybe that's God's point: He is sharing it just for us, that moment in time is only for us. We can capture a part of that on film and that is what we get to share with others.

    Love your biography about you,
    Barb :)

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