Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Alfresco Table in April

The weather has been beautiful in April. My foxgloves are blooming and I was inspired to set a table outside. I chose an oblong shallow chinoiserie dish as my centerpiece container. Yellow and red tulips from the grocery store complimented the Thibaut fabric that has so many wonderful designs and beautiful colors. 

Since the tablecloth has birds, I immediately thought of my Cloisonne bird that had just the right colors.

You can see some of the beautiful designs in the fabric in this picture.

The foxgloves in my garden are not all open yet as you can see. They are all the same variety this year and have larger spires.  Last year, I had several shades of pink and white. This year I have more plants and some in another place. November is the best time to plant in our area but I haven't had luck with them coming back the next year. They are beginning to wane now with temps in the high 80's all week.

This photo shows how large the plants can get. Look at the third plant from the left. It has multiple spires! Gardening has many surprises.

The botanical name for Foxgloves is Digitalis Purpurea. The drug Digitalis is derived from the Foxglove plant.

As you can see from the bent plants these foxgloves were affected by the wind and rain while I was out of town. Look on the right and see if you can see the Cardinal in the picture. I remember something red out of the corner of my eye and I was pleased he was in the picture. Behind the foxgloves, you can see the hydrangeas. 

I read somewhere recently the buds were like little broccoli! I am eagerly waiting for my hydrangeas to bloom.  The weather has affected my hydrangeas for a number of years so I am hoping to have many blooms this year!

 Most of my amaryllis have faded but this apple blossom has just opened. I love this variety.

A few days later.

 The early morning light filtering through the trees in my garden is beautiful. As I glaze through the window it beckons me outside. The beauty of the foxgloves is captivating. As always with me, when I see the sunrise or sunset, birds, butterflies, or flowers I rush to get the camera but can never fully capture what my eyes are feasting upon. I keep telling myself that is God’s gift to me and just for that moment. Thank you, God, for your magnificent creation! However, when something is good you want to share. 

In my location, which is zone 8, daytime temps have been in the 80’s, so sadly, the foxgloves won’t last much longer. Our nights have been cool so that has helped prolong the foxgloves and my garden is also shady. My friend’s foxgloves are already gone whose garden gets more sun than mine.

Do you plant foxgloves? 
The elegant spires are endearing to me. I think of traditional English garden borders I’ve visited in books. I've been to England to the typical tourist areas but not to their gorgeous garden tours. How I would love to visit England firsthand in the spring and see their elegant gardens.

My garden view from the kitchen window in the late afternoon. Spring has been lovely but in the deep south summer is very close.
 Gerber daisies on the table await being planted. I'm not sure where I should plant them.

I have been out of town again for 13 days recently so I have missed some of your posts. Our granddaughter was in a play of the Lion King at her school and our grandson was a stagehand managing the props for the performance. So we visited family in Texas, Colorado, and north Alabama and have been catching up for the last two weeks. Thanks for your understanding when I miss your posts. 

Living Thankfully,


  1. Good morning, Bonnie! I thoroughly enjoyed this tablescape and visiting in your garden. When I saw a picture on Instagram of your table, my first thought was how stunning. The Thibaut tablecloth is exquisite in design and color. The dish of tulips plays off the colors in the cloth so beautifully. I love the addition of the darling bird. The foxgloves and amaryllis are gorgeous. Foxgloves definitely make me think of English gardens. Your patio area and garden is a feast for the eyes. This post was a perfect start for my day. Happy Thursday, my friend!

  2. Bonnie, your comment of not being able to capture the beauty your eyes see rings so true with me. I love the idea that it is our gift in the moment, just like that cardinal was your gift in the one photo. This is a beautiful setting - your tablescape - and your foxgloves are outstanding. We had high 80s last weekend, right after I had a drift rose transplanted, and it was (unsurprisingly) g shocked . Rain and a return to more normal spring weather has helped in our zone 7a, but it just proves how gardening is full of faithful labor. I know you're happy to be home again. Thanks for sharing your April alfresco setting.

  3. How fun to see your grand in "The Lion King," and then return to a beautiful garden haven such as this. Your table is gorgeous -- I love the blue and the wonderful tulips (my favorite color combo). I've never planted foxgloves but I always love it when I see them. I think the gerbera will be lovely. I've never had good luck planting them -- maybe it's my soil (or possible lack of attention!). But I love them and can't wait to see what you do with them. (And love your sitting area!)

  4. Bonnie, your table and garden are both so beautiful. Your foxgloves are really amazing. I always plant a few in my garden. Your amaryllis is also beautiful. You are in a zone to grow them outdoors. Too cold in the mountains. They were my Mother’s favorite flowers so I grow them indoors. I understand the joy of a garden and being able to view it from your window is extra special. What a special post with all its beauty. Blessings to you. Dianne

  5. Beautiful table Bonnie, the tablecloth is fabulous! Love the tulip centerpiece and your special bird, just lovely...yes, time to enjoy outdoor tables before it gets too hot! I love your foxgloves, so so pretty and your garden looks beautiful as always~

  6. Beautiful Bonnie! I love that you were able to capture the beautiful light and foxgloves in bloom in the background of your alfresco table. I’ve always admired foxgloves but don’t have any as they’re toxic to dogs and I have one in particular that loves to ‘nose around’ the garden. :) Like Rita, your comment resonates with me about not being about to capture fully the beauty. I often comment to my hubby when we have a spectacular sunset that I try to photograph that it just ‘doesn’t translate’. I love the idea that the special moment and beauty was just meant for us. So glad you were able to get away and visit your family. Happy Thursday. ♥

  7. Bonnie, this post is simply beautiful. Your foxgloves made me think of my mom. For two reasons, she loved them and she loved white ones. Ours are just thinking about blooming. So happy you were able to visit with your family and see the grandchildren doing something they love. Happy spring days to you ~ enjoy them.

  8. Bonnie, I thought you were probably traveling again andI know you enjoyed seeing all the grands. Your foxgloves are stunning and so are your gardens. I have never tried to grow them, our soil is terrible here. I hope your hydrangeas will give you a beautiful show and I have to mention the birdhouse, love that. I am so glad you shared your sweet thoughts, and it is true. Sometimes a moment is God's gift. It's always wonderful to travel and see everyone but it is wonderful returning home. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Your foxgloves are beautiful and your view from your window always makes me so happy. I did spot your cardinal! I get cardinals in my yard too, which I consider visits from heaven. We do need live in the moment and thank our Heavenly Father for the beauty of His gifts. I forgot to mention how pretty your table is! The tulip arrangement is stunning! Enjoy your beautiful garden and God’s gifts.

  10. Your foxgloves are beautiful! I've never tried growing them before, but you are inspiring me, My Friend! I also enjoyed seeing your pretty tablescape.

  11. Such a beautiful setting and garden, pastoral and soothing!


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