Tuesday, March 29, 2022

The Joy of Spring

Happy Tuesday and Happy Spring! Springtime is a joyous time of rebirth and brings us such joy. The first day of spring is March 21st. Easter is April 17th this year.  Christians celebrate a risen Savior on Easter which is Christ the Lord.

 Welcome to a Spring and Easter tablescape blog hop sponsored by Rita  @ Panoply. There are 18  bloggers participating in this blog hop. You can find links to their tablescapes at the bottom of this post. Stop by and show them some love by leaving them a comment.

For my tablescape, I have set a table outside on the patio. The birds are singing and I just saw an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly, my first butterfly of the season as I was setting the table. I was hoping it would stop on my centerpiece and I could capture a picture. How exciting that would have been!

Botanic Garden Portmeirion makes me happy because there is a different flower on each plate. The sunflower is🌻 the national flower of Ukraine and has become a symbol to us of their fight for freedom. Continued prayers for 🇺🇦 Ukraine. I am thankful for the countries that are taking in refugees escaping the horrific war.

I added azaleas from my garden to supplement the grocery store flowers of tulips, sunflowers, and hydrangeas. My curved willow vase accented the seagrass wicker glasses.

My aucuba scrub in my garden is great for flower arrangements. It adds color and variety and holds up very well.

"Golden Sunshine, a world of green, a world of blossoms, a breeze so clean; the redbirds whistle, the
bluebirds sing, my heart rejoices: 'tis spring,' tis spring!" 
Caroline Henning Bair

The sweet pea plate reminds me of my DIL's bridesmaid's bouquets. The ribbed depression glass sherbets hold strawberries and blueberries.

The plate stack consists of a white Ikea charger, Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage plate, and a hydrangea Portmeirion plate. I am hoping I will have a lot of hydrangeas to bloom in my garden this year. 

I was delighted to find tulips in the store for my centerpiece to coordinate with the tulip plate.

Have you ever heard of pine berries? What I thought were strawberries are (Berry De Blanc) pineberries. Note the light color. They are from Austin Farms in Plant City, Florida. They have a slight pineapple taste.

They were intriguing since I had not seen them before.

Springtime Fancy

It may be just springtime fancy, 
but it always seems to me
that in the spring the flowers sing, 
and every leafy tree.

The songs of birds from every branch
seem just to lead the way
for all the earth to join in song
to greet each coming day.

It may be just springtime fancy, 
but all nature seems to sing:
 hail to this happy time of year,
 the joyous time of spring.

Virginia Katherine Oliver

I feel so blessed this spring to have blessings of freedom, peace, comfort, safety, food, and shelter. We have all witnessed the horrors in Ukraine and could never have imagined this happening just like we couldn't imagine a worldwide pandemic. 
Thankfully, my hope is not in this world. The joy of spring gives me hope. The joy of Easter gives me hope.

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Wishing each of you a joyous Easter ✝️and Spring🦋.
 Counting my blessings✝️ and living thankfully, 


  1. Good Morning Bonnie! I love your beautiful flower arrangement and your alfresco table! The addition of the pretty aucuba foliage and yours azaleas mixed with grocery store blooms rounds out your arrangement so beautifully. Portmeirion Botanic Garden is a favorite pattern of mine too with all the different flowers, and how wonderful you could set a table outdoors! We’ve had rain and blustery winds here that made it challenging to set a table on the porch! Spring is later arriving in my neck of the woods with our cold temperatures, so no butterflies yet. I’ve never seen or heard of pineberries, I’ll have to be on the look out. Prayers for the people of Ukraine. As always it’s a treat to hop with you and join you at the table. Happy Tuesday ♥

  2. Good morning, Bonnie. I think the Portmeirion Botanic Garden plates are perfect for welcoming Spring. Are they new to your dish collection? I love mine and have recently added salad plates. Your floral centerpiece is stunning with hydrangeas, azaleas, sunflowers, tulips, and aucuba leaves! Pineberries are new to me, I will be looking for them. The green depression glass sherberts highlight the perfect spring green color.

    I continue to pray for Ukraine and the millions of people that have been impacted by this horrendous war that is pure evil. I love the Virginia Katherine Oliver poem. It is always a treat to hop with you, Happy Spring xoxo

  3. Oh Bonnie, I love your table! And the poetry is perfect as are the seagrass wicker glasses...I have always admired them but never purchased. I also enjoyed all your flowers and have flower envy as I only have thorny bougainvillea, extra large hibiscus and yellow plumeria blooming right now and none are really conducive to a table bouquet. LOL Our prayers are definitely with the people of Ukraine. Blessings to you dear friend.

  4. Your Botanic Garden dishes are perfect for Easter/Spring. I wish we could dine al fresco but the 4" snow we got in the last 2 days prevents that from happening! Your vintage fruit compotes are so pretty and bring back memories of my Nana's table. The florals are gorgeous and I am seeing the pine berries all over the internet, but have yet to try them.. Happy Spring!

  5. What a pretty table! I love that particular Portmerion pattern and it is absolutely perfect with your fabulous centerpiece. Isn't it wonderful how grocery stores have amped up their flower selection in recent years? I love the colors in that bouquet and your azalea addition really sets it off perfectly. Most of all, I love that you can be on the patio! Glorious!

  6. I feel so much in the Spring mood seeing your table, Bonnie. I am totally immersed in the use of flowers throughout your table. Your gorgeous floral centerpiece and plates which harmonizes with your green cabbage plates really reminds me that everything is blooming in Spring. I am so glad you were able to set this lovely tablescape outdoors. I live my enjoyment of Spring through your cozy outside setting since Wisconsin is much to cold and wintry to do outdoor dining for a while. So I am taking pleasure and can almost feel the warm breeze and sunshine and the lovely floral scent while enjoying your photos. Have a wonderful holiday, Bonnie. It is such a pleasure to blog hop with you and share in your creative talents.

  7. Good morning, Bonnie. This may be my favorite post who have done. While they are all beautiful, this one really touches my heart. It is full of glorious beauty that you have put together with a magic touch. And of course, the poems and quotes truly speak to my heart. Wishing you and your family a beautiful Spring and Easter. Many Blessings.

  8. Oh Bonnie how delightful this is and what a joy to be tablescaping outside! So thoughtful of you to incorporate sunflowers in honor of Ukraine into your beautiful bouquet of Spring flowers. Your Portmeirion plates are classic and look perfect atop the cabbage plates, along with the seagrass wicker glasses and vase in your garden setting. The poems and quotes are icing on this delightful Easter table! You have brought joy and hope to my heart...

  9. Bonnie, I have not had pine berries and I am intrigued! Love your gorgeous floral and festive spring tablesetting--pinned!

  10. Oh Bonnie... what beauty you have set at your Table for a Spring Celebration! I also loved seeing the sunflowers for Ukraine.
    I enjoy this Portmeirion pattern. Such loveliness on each plate!
    You have such a wonderful touch to tablescapes. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Tuesday! ~Nancy

  11. Good morning Bonnie, you table is a delight for the eyes. I adore the Portmeirion Botanic Garden dishware. They look so pretty with your Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage plates. The floral arrangement is beautiful with your azaleas and store bought flowers. Love your ribbed depression glass sherbets, beautiful color. Pineberries are new to me, interesting. The sunflowers for Ukraine are so touching. A pleasure hoping along with you Bonnie.

  12. Bonnie, the centerpiece is beautifully arranged, using colors of similar intensity. Filling it with garden foliage and flowers creates a lush statement. I always enjoy tablescapes built with garden-themed plates and dishes. Your choices are particularly striking. I've seen the sherbet glasses at a number of the vintage glassware shows I've attended. They may come home with me the next time! Happy Spring!

  13. Bonnie, I love your pretty patio table! The plates are stunning, and I like that they're all different. Your floral arrangement is pretty, too. We are planning on eating outside as much as possible this spring, and your table is a lovely inspiration for me to set a pretty table and enjoy!

  14. What beautiful dishes! Your arrangement is just lovely! ♥

  15. Wise words, Bonnie. That your hope is not in this world:) I love coming to your tablescape post and getting a huge dose of flower beauty. Just love the centerpiece blooms and the botanical plates. We only have a few tulips showing us their colors so I really appreciate all the spring floral you add to your table.
    Happy Easter

  16. Dear Bonnie, you've set such a special table on your patio with lovely dishes, flowers and fruits. I adore the Portmeirion in the Botanic Garden design. I also love the different flower on each plate. Your words of wisdom throughout your post for Ukraine is appreciated how wonderful you recall such special memories while setting the table. Spring is so special and you mentioned the most important reason. Blessings to you and your family Bonnie.......

  17. Bonnie, as usual, this is a beautiful, welcoming table. Dining alfresco is my preferred choice, and you make it most inviting. The flowers are stunning, and the botanical plates are a perfect theme. Thanks for sharing this lovely table. Happy Spring!

  18. Beautiful table to welcome spring and Easter, Bonnie. You are fortunate to already be able to style al fresco! The flowers are gorgeous, and I love that you can add the aucuba variegated greens to the mix for body. The wicker vase and tumblers are so stylish, and the Portmeirion plates are a classic choice. I have never heard of berry de blanc! You've chosen beautiful words to express the current sentiment many of us share. Thank you for sharing your talent and wisdom in this blog hop!

  19. Bonnie, how wonderful for you to set this beautiful table outdoors. We are still getting snow and ice up here in my neck of the woods! But the birds are singing despite it all and little signs of life are evident in the garden, that along with the Easter season gives me hope as well! Your centerpiece is stunning, and I really can't decide which floral plate is my favourite! I love them all! The green depression glasses are darling, and while I have seen these berries even in the stores up here in Canada, I had no idea they taste like pineapple! Now I will have to try them! A very Happy Easter to you!


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