Thursday, April 16, 2020

Breakfast in the Garden

I don't know what I would have done this last month if I could not have gone outside and if I had not had my garden to enjoy. Early one morning looking at my amaryllis blooming a tablescape was born and then a breakfast idea!

Amaryllis are bulbs that faithfully come up every spring and multiply much to my delight!

Earlier in the spring, I gathered a few flowers in bud vases on my kitchen table. The April Cornell placemats were perfect colors to complement the amaryllis in the garden for my tablescape and I was flooded with sweet memories of my mother-in-law since the placemats came from her. 

I then remembered a checked cloth I've had for years. With the lovely morning light gleaming through the trees and the cool morning temperature it was so pleasant. 
I was able to cut some snowballs from a neighbor and knock out roses from my garden. The pitcher holding the snowballs was painted by my mother and is special to me. The little green pitcher is from France and it has a story you can read about here.
 As I was getting the table together I remembered some chocolate croissants I had in the freezer.  They would be perfect with coffee and would be a good surprise when my husband got back from his walk. 
Styling flowers and tables are a fun hobby but using them for a purpose is fun too. 

As who doesn't deserve a treat during this pandemic! Every day is a gift from God and the little things like morning sunlight and the peacefulness of the garden make me very thankful. During this slower pace of life, as we shelter in place, I have savored many tastes and scents and beauty in nature more than ever. And just look at the talent God gave April Cornell in the design of these placemats. The colors and design are beautiful to me. And they are cheerful. We need a good dose of cheerfulness to encourage us through this crisis.
I am praying for all those suffering from illness, grieving over lost loved ones, loss of lives and homes from recent tornadoes, devastating financial losses, those serving in the front lines and for wisdom for our government leaders. 
 Living thankfully for all my blessings! 

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  1. Everything about this post is beautiful Bonnie! ❤️ I love your thoughts, your table, and your garden! I also love that amaryllis grow in your area. What zone are you in? I might want to give that a try! :) Thanks for the lovely bit of beauty this morning!

    1. Thank you, Barbara! I live in zone 8b. It has been so long since I thought about what zone I was in I had to google it. They will suggest plants for your zone so you can see if amaryllis do well in your area. Most of the plants I have are from bulbs I planted for Christmas and then planted in the garden. I do remember buying the solid white bulb years ago and I paid $9 for it but it has been worth it and they multiplied over the years. Thanks for your visit.

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  2. This is the first time I've actually seen Amaryllis planted in a garden. I usually see it as a bulb blooming indoors around Christmas. What a delightful sight! That April Cornell is going to be the death of me, those place mats are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Maria. I love those placemats. They have given me a lift every time I pass by them. April C. has beautiful linens.
      Thanks for your visit.

  3. I have NEVER seen amaryllis in the ground. They make beautiful yard plants. And I love the April Cornell mats. Her work is always beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Jeanie! Glad you learned something new. They have added so much cheer to an unsettling and scary time.

  4. Bonnie, the amaryllis are stunning! What a beautiful spot for breakfast and who wouldn’t enjoy a chocolate croissant in your garden! The AC placemats are so pretty and I love them with the checked cloth. The pitcher painted by your Mother is beautiful and I know holds precious memories.!

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  6. What a beautiful retreat your garden provides during these unsettling times Bonnie. I am in love the the amaryllis blooming in your garden. So many pretty blooms and patterns on your table from your mother's painted pitcher and cheery AC placemats. We have been spending most of our time in the garden too while sheltering at home. Just listening to the birds and watching the buds and leaves unfurl and come to life makes everything seem as if all is right with the world despite what the news tells us. Happy Friday ♥

  7. Bonnie, Your post is just so encouraging and uplifting! I have never thought of amaryllis as an outdoor bulb but of course I see now that there is no reason to keep them just for Christmas season! I so enjoyed your story about the pitcher. What a special treasure for you. It is heartening to hear of the love and generosity of people all over the world. Hope you are both well. Linda

  8. Bonnie, I've always enjoyed beautiful amaryllis during Christmas and now I'm thinking I need to plant them in my beds. Your gardens are lovey and isn't this perfect time to enjoy being outside to enjoy them. Early morning is my favorite time outside. Your table is so pretty with the colorful placemats from your mother in law and the the special painted pitcher from your mom. Take care and be safe..........

  9. Oh, Bonnie, that's pure beauty and comfort right there! I knew as soon as I opened this post that the floral textiles were April Cornell, such a trademark look she gives to her designs! The amaryllis in your garden are simply outstanding. That early morning garden light is divine. What a treat.
    My heart is often heavy in thought of those suffering right now, and I think the effects will be long-lasting. I'm trying to focus on family in need, but I realize there are many, many out there who need help.

  10. Bonnie, such a lovely post. Every area of our country holds beautiful garden magic. I know you must enjoy your amaryllis and having them return each year. It is too cold here for them to live in the ground, but I enjoy them inside at Christmas.
    Thank you, Bonnie for this uplifting post - truly needed.
    I do believe we will come through these times as a better and sweeter world. I join you in prayer for all those who are suffering, those who are caring for them and their families. Blessings, my friend and stay well.

  11. Your amaryllis are so stunning Bonnie! I fell in love with amaryllis last Christmas when I received one from a friend, they are fascinating to watch come into bloom! I too and so thankful for the joy Mother Nature brings, and appreciate the fact that our weather in the South is warm now, can you imagine dealing with snow right now! Enjoy your beautiful garden and your tablescape is gorgeous!

  12. Dear Bonnie, Your breakfast garden is beautiful! I love everything about it and my goodness, you are so creative lady. You make me want to get outside and create a breakfast table! Today would have been perfect as it's been such beautiful day. Tomorrow is suppose to be rainy. You never know in Florida though. I have been praying for so many and I've been praising Him even in the midst of storm we are having in life right now. i surely don't know what tomorrow hold but I do know who hold tomorrow. Very comforting to me. Stay safe beautiful lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  13. So pretty, I would have had to shovel the table of 5" of snow...very pretty though....grumble!

  14. Bonnie, this is such a gorgeous post! Everything is absolutely breathtaking. It looks as if it belongs in a magazine. The table linens, flowers, and that pretty pitcher that your mother painted all created such a lovely setting. This uplifted my spirits. We have had so many cloudy days that I could use some sunshine. I always say sunshine just makes you feel so much better. Take care, sweet friend!

  15. So incredibly lovely!!! I especially love the amaryllis. Such beauty in the garden! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Good Afternoon Bonnie,
    I must say Alabama has some mighty beautiful Spring weather and your gardens with their blooming amaryllis are stunning! I had no idea that Amaryllis will bloom naturally like this. If we ever get South, I will be giving this a try too.
    You write so gently, heartfelt and soothing and I can hear that sweet Southern voice of yours too.
    Thank you for blessing us with friendship and hope.

  17. Hi Bonnie,

    This is such a lovely and thoughtful post. Your table setting is so pretty, and you've matched your flower colors perfectly to the April Cornell placemats! I like the checked tablecloth, too, and your outdoor setting is enviable. I'm glad you have your garden to work in; we all have to find comfort and some joy in the little things these days.

    Well, those chocolate croissants have made me hungry! :D There's a little place in Southport, N.C., that has the MOST delicious chocolate croissants, and how I would love to have one right now.

    Thanks for sharing your pretty table and flowers with us, Bonnie. I hope all of your family is well -- take good care, my friend!



  18. Hi Bonnie! What a nice treat for your hubby, to come home to chocolate croissants, and in your beautiful garden setting. Your flowers and the special, treasured vases with your April Cornell placemats and pretty tablecloth, looks like you could be in a cafe in Paris! Yes, we need to count our blessings and pray for those affected by this pandemic. I hope you have a wonderful, safe, happy week.

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