Sunday, January 21, 2018

This and That~ Number 2

It's hard to believe it is already January 18, 2018! I've been putting up Christmas, purging and organizing and I still have a long way to go but I am making progress. I get so involved with life that I don't blog consistently which I'm sure you have noticed.  I have so many good intentions and make pictures and don't use them. Today, is a catch up day with a little of this and that. 

Do you watch the make over segments on the Today Show? Our hometown had a winner in December! In fact, Kay is a part of my lunch group that I blogged about here at Eddie's barn! Doesn't she look fabulous?
Since Kay's son-in-law is in Iraq she took her daughter and two granddaughters to New York City as an early Christmas gift.  She knew they didn't want to be at home trying to have a normal Christmas without dad at home so she told them she wanted to treat them to a trip to NYC. As soon as they got to New York City the girls told her they were taking her to The Today Show in hopes to be chosen for an ambush makeover. They told her to show up with no make up, messy hair and looking rough. They were standing outside in the freezing cold at 5:45 a.m. so Kay said it was not hard to look rough at that hour.  Kay has been quite a celebrity in our hometown. Her picture was on the front page of both our local newspapers. In fact, I am quoting here from The Southeast Sun article by Michelle Mann. Would you believe I googled and got the entire article?
The girls held up two signs. One said,"Three generation girls trip." The other sign said, "This lady is an Army wife, retired; an Army mom, Army mother-in-law; Army aunt; and, Air Force aunt. She's been supporting troops for 49 years. Please make her over."
Kay's son is currently in Saudi Arabia and son-in-law is in Iraq so please remember this military family's service to our country.
Do you recognize anyone in this picture? My husband and I enjoyed having dinner with Pam and Butch Richardson from Everyday Living back in November in Birmingham, Alabama. We have so much in common and easily spent a number of hours over dinner at Bottega.

Pam and I met for the first time in July of 2016 where we enjoyed a long lunch talking blogging at Chez Fonfon in Birmingham.

Speaking of bloggers, Eilis from My Heart Lives Here, Kitty from Kitty's Kozy Kitchen, and I met for lunch at Rise, in Dallas, Texas.  I was sorry other Texas bloggers missed a fabulous lunch and couldn't come that particular day.  Some were sick and others had appointments.  I was in Dallas visiting my son and family only a few days. I hope to get together another time with the others.
It has been fun to meet bloggers in person. I've met Emily @The French Hutch, Ricki @ The Sketchy Reader, and Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch but I don't have pictures. We were so busy talking we all forgot! I also met a number of southern Alabama bloggers when I was able to attend one of their meetings. There I met Jenna @ The Painted ApronLeslie Ann Tarabella , Hope @ Crafty Hope and Kim @Cozinest which is now inactive.  I recently read a blog post from Carol @Blue Sky At Home about finding your why in blogging. One of my primary reasons in "Why do I Blog" is that I enjoy the relationships. Seriously, I would like to meet each and every blogger I have known through blogging since Thanksgiving of 2009. I have learned something from each one of you and feel a special kinship.

 In another this and that category, My husband and I were in Whole Foods in Montgomery, Alabama, recently and we were randomly picked to win a $50 gift certificate and this nice book. We redeemed the certificate that very day.
I was told they are randomly choosing winners each day in January!

On the way home from Montgomery we had an unexpected encounter with a deer.  The deer came out of no where in broad daylight. It happened so fast and neither of us saw it. After the impact my husband looked in the rear view mirror and saw the deer spinning round and round before stopping. It went under the car. He pulled the car over and we accessed the damage thankful we were unharmed. It was a very cold day and it would be dangerous to walk back to see the dead deer so we did not. My husband called the sheriff's office to report the deer in the road. A nice couple traveling behind us that saw the incident stopped to see if we were hurt. 

Remember I told you I had been cleaning out and organizing. I ran across my John Meyer outfit from college! I had wool knee socks the same color as the sweater, an off white blouse with a pleated front and Peter Pan collar and I wore saddle oxford shoes! I wish I had saved the shoes, blouse and socks! I loved this outfit! 

And would you believe my Barbie doll!!!!!  The clothes are in pretty good shape from all these years. I have several catalogs, too. Remember how one came with each outfit? Oh, how I loved my Barbie things.

My children will have to be the ones to throw or give these away!
This is the original box my Barbie came in. Notice the price was $2.98. The little catalogs show some of the outfits shown in the earlier picture.  I had the pink negligee set, the Golden Girl sheath dress and the Peachy-Feecy coat.

And do you remember these lovely hair curlers? Now, I might part with these! The treasure box is very old because I had it in elementary school! I have an autograph book from elementary school, also. I am a hopeless sentimentalist!

This alligator belt with a monogrammed buckle was a birthday gift when my husband and I were dating. He said he remembered it was the first gift he had ever given a girl! I can still buckle it but it is rather tight.
It was fun to share a little of this and that from my life today. Hope you all have a wonderful week.

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  1. Bonnie, you all do have a hometown celebrity now! Kay was beautiful before, but I love her new look! Thank you for the shout-outs, we must do it again! Meeting up with blogging friends is such a treat. I am so thankful that your run-in with the deer didn’t cause a bad accident. The outfit brings back so many memories! I remember similar Villager clothes that I had and was so proud to have them. These outfits were always worn with knee socks and saddle oxfords. I loved your this and that, a great read on this cloudy Monday morning as I wait for Ella Mae to arrive.

  2. Bonnie, I enjoyed seeing all your beautiful friends and the stories. Love your college skirt and sweater and the belt your hubby gave you. I bet you could wear some leggings and still wear that beautiful outfit. It looks like it is in perfect shape. Really enjoyed this and that.

  3. I thought I recognized Eilis! That is exactly why I blog. Community. I've been lucky to meet a number of bloggers in person when I've traveled. I've never been disappointed; everyone has been 100 percent authentic, just who I'd thought they would be.

    Loved the makeover story and all the fun pictures. I remember all the vintage things! And that belt is still beautiful.

  4. Fun stuff Bonnie, how nice you were able to meet Pam and Butch for dinner! I haven't met Pam yet, but feel like I know is amazing the friendships we develop through blogging. I can't believe you have your original Barbie!! Your friend's makeover is incredible, what a special trip those ladies had~

  5. Love this post! I am drolling over your vintage treasures. Hope we meet in 2018. Have a happy Monday!

  6. Oh my! I am still drooling that you have your barbie doll and the case and clothes! WOW! I just love it! How wonderful to meet other blogging friends. And yes, your friend Kay looks awesome! How neat! Enjoyed all the pictures Bonnie and I appreciate you sharing your life with us. Girl, I need some inspiration to start cleaning out things! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. SUCH a fun post, Bonnie! Loved seeing all your "this and that" and reading about your friends. I've met a couple of bloggers and it was such a pleasure to visit with them in person. Good people! Sweet treasures from your past. Made me smile. Wishing you a wonderful week. blessings ~ tanna

  8. Bonnie, it sounds like you have been very busy. How wonderful to be able to meet up with blogging friends! I am so thankful that you and your husband were not hurt in the accident. We have a lot of deer in our area too and are always on our toes. Your friend Kay looks beautiful. What fun to have a makeover! Take care and enjoy your week!!!

  9. Bonnie, how much fun your friend must have had enjoying the makeover. She looks great. I am so glad you and your husband were alright after the accident with the deer. It is scary to know they can be in front of you in an instant! I sure enjoyed our lunch and it's funny how we were chatting away and didn't even think of getting a photo. Hopefully there will be another lunch this year. Loved seeing your treasures. I've managed to hang on to some of my clothes. I had skirts and sweaters like yours and a few are in a box in my closet. So are my baby dolls. I could never part with these specia things, someone else will have to make those decisions. I enjoyed going down memory lane with you Bonnie. Let's plan lunch soon......

  10. Bonnie, thank you so much for mentioning I'm so happy that my post resonated with you. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to meet for lunch at Rise (one of my favoirte lunch spots.) when you were visiting Dallas. Please let us know next time you'll be back. Have a great year and a great WHY.

  11. Bonnie, this is such a fun random post. I enjoy these when bloggers post them! It's fun seeing your childhood treasures, and your friend's makeover is....WOW! She's so pretty! I had so much fun at our luncheon. We really need to get together again soon. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :D

    Ricki Jill

  12. What a fun post to ready, Bonnie! I love how sentimental you are with saving such treasures. I have the first Christmas gift that my late beloved gave me, which is a little rose necklace with a tiny diamond in it. I have it on display in my bathroom.
    It was so nice to meet you and Eilis for lunch at Rise! Blogging friendships are one of the best things about blogging, I agree with you!

  13. Bonnie,
    How I enjoyed this post and the heart that went along with it! You have been so fortunate to meet up with such sweet bloggers and I certainly hope that I will be able to meet you the next time you are in Dallas.
    The makeover of your friend was so awesome! What a fun event to participate in and her new style is lovely.
    Looking forward to joining you lovely Ladies in the upcoming Romantic Table For Two!

  14. Bonnie, I so enjoyed this post. I have signed up to receive your post so that I won't miss them. It is so great that you have been able to meet fellow bloggers, I hope to enjoy that someday also. It really is a lovely fellowship.

  15. Bonnie,
    Oh, how I would loved to have met you at Rise in Dallas, but my schedule has been hectic in and out of town. I am headed back to the Huntsville, Alabama area in a couple of weeks to visit with my brother. What a wonderful makeover experience for your friend and her family. That turned a new holiday experience into an even better memory.


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