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February Garden Club~Love Is In The Air

       Valentines's Day was our decorating motif for our Garden Club meeting I hosted in my home this week.  Garden camellias were placed in goblets under cloches. Crystal candlesticks were also used as vases. My BF and co-hostess, Charlotte, had the clever idea of using candlesticks as vases perfect for floating a camellia blossom. I loved the idea! She also gathered most of the camellias on a very cold morning. A special program on growing orchids was presented by a local expert and friend.  Beautiful pics of her orchids to follow.

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Spinach Artichoke and Cheddar Broccoli quiches, Fresh Fruit Ambrosia, Valentine Cookies, Paula Deen Cheese Grits and Coffee Cake were served.
"Love Is In The Air" was the theme for our February meeting. Each month has a different theme and members sign up for wreaths, buffet arrangements, mantel vignettes or a tablescape to share. Mums, alstroemeria flowers and greenery flanked by nandina foliage and scattered chocolate hearts was designed by Bonnie G. for the dining room buffet. We have two Bonnie's in our club.
My co-hostesses pictured left to right: Bonnie G. and Charlotte, were invaluable. About twenty members attended and love for each other and our common bond of flowers was in the air!
Guests were served sparkling cranberry juice upon arrival. I loved using my mother's crystal coupes.

Another member, Maxine created this darling arrangement in a hanging silver heart antique vase. You may remember, Maxine's home decorated for Valentine's here:

And Maxine showing her Valentine grapevine wreath door decoration and Valentine tablescape.
We have four members whose mothers or mothers-in-laws are also current  Daffodil Garden Club members.
Sue, another presenter, pictured with her lovely wreath. We have very talented members.
Our oldest member presented a report on Arbor Day and its history. I am so sorry I didn't get her picture because I was involved with tech issues with the t.v. for the slide show. She is 89 years young and so inspiring!

A house full of happy voices is music to my ears.
Gardeners are kindred spirits and we never lack for conversation.
The program was" How to Grow Orchids." Mary, our special guest speaker has been growing orchids for over forty years! She stressed the importance of not overwatering and fertilizing your plants. It just happened the pic on the slideshow when I snapped Mary's photo was of her husband standing beside her orchids, who was extremely supportive of Mary's passion. Mary lost her beloved, Ben, this September after 47 years of marriage. I appreciate Mary sharing her passion for orchids with us.
A slideshow of orchids she has grown was viewed on the television as she talked.

She discussed potting mediums and staking techniques as well as how to fertilize orchids. No wonder my orchids have never lived past blooming! I've never fertilized them!!!!!! LOL!
After many years of trying different fertilizers she highly recommends this one. A pint size bottle is on sale now for $8.98. has wonderful orchid supplies available to order. I was also impressed with the u-tube videos about orchid care on their website. 

 These beautiful orchids were photographed from her greenhouse. What a feast for the eyes!
These are in her sunroom! Such beauty!!!! We were very blessed to benefit from her expertise. Thank you, Mary.

 I might also mention that Mary's green thumb does not stop with orchids! She has cultivated a beautiful large and amazing garden on the grounds of her home. Her garden has been the site for beautiful garden tours and wedding parties. Needless to say, Mary has enjoyed her passion for gardening which we all know takes much effort and time.

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  1. I wish I could have been there....I love gardening and it looks like a great bunch of ladies and lots of treats too!

  2. Until recently I had several orchids on the porch and they bloomed faithfully every year which I credit to benign neglect! After a few cool nights when I didn't bring them in they have finally bitten the dust.

  3. Bonnie, I think I remember seeing a gathering of your garden club before. I would love to do something like that.

    Thank you so much for joining us for Thoughts of Home on Thursday. We are over the moon excited about this. ;)

  4. I'm afraid I have a black thumb Bonnie, but I would sure love to belong to your group, sounds like so much fun! What a spread you had too~ the cookies are beautiful!

  5. What a fabulous get-together Bonnie. I could certainly use all the tips I can get on orchids. We've had one for almost 6 years now and so far it has bloomed each year without any assistance from me. Considering it had gone back and forth between two homes its entire life, it's lucky to still be alive. I will definitely give it some food now! Oh how I miss camellias too.

    You certainly know how to entertain. Your table is so pretty and your house welcoming and comfortable.

  6. Hello Bonnie, your table is definitely romantic, and the camelias are wonderful. I like then under the glass cloches. The biscuits are amazing, did you ice them? Thank you so much for your visit and comments.I agree the bottles would look pretty with a variety of flowers in. Have a lovely weekend, love Linda x

  7. Your home is very beautiful! I am sure that everyone had a really good time. Happy Valentines! xx

  8. What a wonderful and educational party, Bonnie! The camellias look so pretty under the cloches and in the candlesticks. The menu sounds perfect and I love the sparkling cranberry juice in your mom's crystal. How nice to visit with kindred souls! Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. Bonnie, what a fabulous garden club party...oh to be a member! Your home is beautiful and you entertain with a graceful Southern flair! Your table with the gorgeous camellias under cloches along with the beautifully presented quiches, grits, ambrosia, Valentine cookies, was a feast for the eyes and I am sure the taste buds! I love orchids and I know that your guest speaker gave excellent advice! It sounds like a perfect time with lovely friends! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Oh I would have loved to attended. Great topic!

    Thank you so very much for joining Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Your presence really helped to make it very special. I hope you will return again and again.

    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. What a fun theme for your garden club Bonnie! Your menu sounds divine and youe sparkling cranberry juice is served up so prettily in your crystal coupes! I love your camellias under your cloches too! I should have cut some camellias yesterday to enjoy indoors before our temperatures took a nosedive. Thanks so much for the link on the orchid fertilizer, I clicked over and saw they have orchid fertilizer for well water too which is what I would need :)

  12. What a wonderful post! I love your gorgeous centerpieces of blooms under the cloches and in the candlesticks, perfect for your group as well. The food looked delicious and I really loved getting a peek at the beautiful presentation table and to read some of her tips on the orchids. Joining you from Tablescape Thursday. You have a beautiful home!

  13. Bonnie, such a fabulous post. The table is beautiful and truly represents romance. Using cloches is such an awesome idea. The orchids are gorgeous! So much to see and learn. Not sure if you know, we have a link party on Sunday afternoons. Happy Valentine's Day.


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