Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tempus Fugit

  1. Tempus fugit
  2. Tempus fugit is a Latin phrase, usually translated into English as "time flies". The expression comes from line 284 of book 3 of Vergil's Georgics, where it appears as FVGIT INREPARABILE TEMPVS: "it escapes, irretrievable time". Wikipedia
Time has flown for me!!!!

I have missed reading your blogs for two months. Wow, it seems like yesterday. I have been knee deep in home repairs, planning a trip, packing and ENJOYING the trip. Yes, my husband and I have been to France. It was a fabulous trip. When we returned our children were visiting from Texas and North Alabama. Loved having our family together again after a year. Now, I am trying to catch up. I have read a few blogs and left a few comments but haven't scratched the surface. Because I love to travel and I love to read about travel I want to share our trip on my blog sometime soon. Right now I am tired and life doesn't stop but I am so grateful for many opportunities. Life is wonderful and full. God has richly blessed me.
 Here are a few pics of our life last week.

Making cookies with Texas grands.

 The younger ones enjoyed a tea party when the older cousins arrived. It is hard to believe that Sophie, our adopted granddaughter is now ten. See her tea party a few years ago here.
 The chocolate came out of the tablecloth!!! Whew, I use that one a lot.
I learned a few things to do differently next time. LOL!

A beautiful fall day with glorious weather.

Our trip included Paris, Burgundy, Dordogne and Bordeaux regions. We covered a lot of territory in twelve days.
Luxembourg Gardens, Paris

Chateau near St. Emilion. Captured this from a moving car so it is not as clear as I would like.

Chateau de La Rochepot near Beaune, France.

Stay tuned for posts on these areas. It was a marvelous experience.


  1. Hey lady,
    I have missed you! I have been scarce in blogland too but not because i was traveling in France!!! LOL what a marvelous summer you have had. Mine was just spent working in the garden..Your grandchildren are so precious.. And yes, I spotted your beautiful spider lilies...such a large cluster of blooms...
    Glad to see you..
    Love, Mona

  2. Welcome back, Bonnie!! I love your beautiful pictures of France and am looking forward to seeing more. :) Those little red-headed grandchildren are just precious -- all three children are precious. I think it's rather rare to see two siblings with red hair. My husband was a redhead, but not his brother. His brother has one redhead out of four children. I think red hair is so pretty!

    The outdoor tea is charming; I'm glad your tablecloth came clean. :) My MIL has that very same Beatrix Potter tea set; I've always thought it was so pretty. I'm glad you've had your whole family together again; you do have a full and blessed life, my friend. Have a wonderful week!



  3. What a fabulous two months you've had! Can't wait to see and read more.
    And you know I adore those red heads!
    Missed you today at the blogger's meeting in Fairhope!

  4. What beautiful pictures from your trip. The little tea party is so cute. Love those ambers. So adorable all three of them.

  5. I am so glad that you have been having such a wonderful time on your travels and at home!! I look forward to hearing all about it as and when you are able to share. xx

  6. I've missed you, Bonnie, but I'm glad to know that your absence is because you have been enjoying life. Where did your grandkids get that beautiful red hair....I love it! By the way, where in Texas do they live?

  7. Oh I've enjoyed your sweet pictures! Making memories no doubt! So glad you are enjoying the life that God has given to you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. It's always fun to go away,
    but also lovely to return,
    especially when you have
    cuties like that waiting to
    see you! Such sweet little
    faces and the "gingers"
    especially made me smile : )

    Welcome home!

    xo Suzanne

  9. I cannot even believe we both mentioned St. Emilion on our posts. How bizarre - serendipity for sure! Glad you enjoyed yourselves - can't wait to read more.

    Your grands are adorable - and those red heads, so so cute!!

    Little kids tea parties - priceless.

    Thanks so much for your visit. Take care - and have a wonderful weekend!!

  10. One of my favorite birthday parties for my daughter as she was growing up, was a tea party. I had all the girls who were invited wear their Sunday dresses and it was such a cute party. They got to take their tea cups home as a party favor. Looks like your grands had just as much fun! France looks marvelous. Can't wait to go myself. Thanks for sharing.

  11. What fun times you've had, Bonnie! I'm sure the visit with your family made for happy memories and then your trip to France with your sweetie...priceless!

  12. A trip to France, how wonderful!! I have missed you and your posts and am so happy you were busy living life!! Your grands are adorable, love love love that tea party!! Can't wait to see more photos!

  13. I love the picture of your grandchildren having a tea party outside. So cute! Love the youngest kids red hair too! Looking forward to seeing your pictures from your trip. Sounds like it was wonderful.

  14. Bonnie, what fun making goodies with your grands. They look so happy and the tea party is the cutest ever. Your trip to France is breathtaking. I could look at those pictures all day. France is a lovely place to visit. Have a fab weekend... I am on antibiotics, so I hope to feel better soon. xo

  15. Loved seeing pictures of your precious grandchildren and more pics of your trip to France. You are truely blessed! Looking forward to more pictures of your trip. maxine (I don't know why John's name is on this - it's from me.)

  16. Oh, Bonnie, the photos with your grands just made me smile... from one side of my heart to the other. There is just nothing like their little selves! =) Yours are so precious and beautiful! And, ahhhh... France... maybe, one of these days. ;) Glad you are safely home. blessings ~ tanna

  17. what precious photos...can't wait for more of your trip!

  18. I love the sneak peek pictures from your trip! I can't wait to see the rest and hear all about your trip!

  19. How great for you to be home and spend time with your family and grands again...Went to Paris and the Normandie region last year and would love to go back to the other regions...loved your pictures...and looking forward to more!!...Welcome home!

  20. Gorgeous photos from your trip Bonnie, France is on my bucket list! Adorable Grands and I love that red hair :)


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