Sunday, October 19, 2014

A few days in Burgundy

Recently, my husband and I celebrated our anniversary with a trip to France. I am excited to share our travels with you. Paris was our first stop but I will save that for my last post. I will begin in Burgundy. This pic is our hotel, once an old farmstead in the Burgundy area outside Beaune, France.

 The lovely back garden is set for breakfast each day.

I love the french courtyard.
Our petit déujeuner was a scrumptious buffet each morning. A variety of cheeses, jellies and jams, pastries, fresh fruit. Ooh la la!!! Actually in french, oh là là.

 This was my plate which does not include the fresh croissants that I had to eat to taste all the great jellies they offered.
Served on Villeroy and Boch Luxembourg china no less. I was impressed.
The garden tables were so pretty but it was a little cool so we chose to eat inside.
I did enjoy making soft boiled eggs outside. Don't you love the marble top pastry cart? 

Turn your timer over,  wait five minutes and....
Viola!  Your egg is ready. This was a great start to our first full day in Beaune.

 Hotel Clos is a charming hotel out in the countryside. So serene.

 Full of antiques.

Even the outside is decorated with antique wine presses. Burgundy is all about vineyards and wine making. Will show more about that later.

 Our room was spacious and we liked that.
The hotel was a pleasure but let's head to Beaune, a nearby town with historical sights, great architecture, beautiful flowers and a slower pace of french life. 

Beaune is a delightful french town full of quaint shops and cafes.

First, we took the tourist train to get an overview of the city. We were in the back of the train and winding around the narrow roads I  began to feel a little queasy and thankfully felt better after we got out. 
 It was time for lunch and we selected a outdoor cafe. But my husband started to feel ill and decided to go back to the hotel. I was left on my on with the french menu. I got confused because I thought the plat du jour (plate of the day) came with a salad, a plat and a dessert. I ordered and....
  I received this... La Salade d' Ecrevisses ( crayfish)

And this!!!! (La Poulet a là Crème) The two courses I thought I ordered were actually two plats! So my lunch cost 39 euros!!!! The chicken and au gratin potatoes were great. The crayfish was terrible and that was a good thing because we know one lunch is enough. I didn't have room for the two desserts that were included.  I  also didn't have anyone to share my mistake with and it was so funny!
 After lunch I wondered around snapping a hundred pics of the town.


Snapped this pic with the kitty in the window from the train.
On my walk I went back to get a better shot of the kitty in the window and kitty was gone.

 I thought this lady's outfit was so cute so I asked her if she would pose for me to make her picture.
I am assuming she was a tourist also but I could tell she wasn't an american.
One of the highlights you must see in Beaune is Hotel Dieu built in 1443. The glazed roof tiles are beautiful. Stay tuned for a complete tour of Hotel Dieu in my next post. I will explain about the colorful tiles and its history. It is not a hotel. Au revoir.

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  1. Love this post! Too bad you can't share one of those desserts with your readers - LOL!


  2. oh what a wonderful post. Thank you so much - I feel like I am on tour with you. It will probably be the only way I will ever get to France. Hope your husband is feeling better, sometimes it's the change of water that makes you a little queasy.
    Have a wonderful time and I look forward to future posts.

  3. What a beautiful place!! I have never seen a thing like that for boiling eggs before, it is amazing isn't it! I loved the photo near the top of the post with the staircase with the purple flowers going down the side, that is a beautiful way to decorate stairs isn't it! Glad that you had a wonderful time, it looks as though the weather was fabulous! xx

  4. Me ha encantado pasearme con usted por esos maravillosos lugares y restaurantes.

  5. Loved your pictures and descriptions! I feel like I was traveling right along with you! Looking forward to more posts! Maxine Moates

  6. Oh wow, Bonnie; I am amazed at the beauty of this hotel and town. Wow! Your pictures are terrific; all the flowers, antiquities and food are a feast for the eyes. This is an area of France that I'm not very familiar with, and I enjoyed the tour today. I can't wait to see the rest of the town and the things you have to share with us. :)

    Have a great week, my friend!



  7. we watched a documentary about Burgandy last week that I would watch over and over

  8. What a great post and I have enjoyed looking at the pictures! WOW! I too love the lady's outfit! What wonderful memories this will be. thanks for sharing. I feel like I was there! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Enjoyed this post with a leisurely cup of coffee. Just lovely. I swooned over that pastry table. Oh. My. Goodness. Thank you for sharing your trip! Delightful post!

  10. What a wonderful trip you took! I really enjoyed seeing the pics of Burgundy. I've never been to France. I wouldn't have liked that crayfish dish either, btw. I bet it's hard to order from their menu's if you don't speak their language. I noticed the Villeroy & Bach china right away. Did you know that I have that exact pattern here? I just don't display it. I use it as extras with my white dishes in my kitchen. I have the dinner plates, wide rimmed bowls and salad plates. I sold the cream and sugar though. I thought that was so interesting that you boil your own eggs for breakfast. How fresh is that?!

  11. How lovely for you to share your trip to France, its looks so wonderful! I love the style of buildings and very Chic! Love if you share this on
    Fabulous Friday Party Maria

  12. Beautiful! Have never been there, but looks wonderful!

  13. I would have died if a waiter brought me a plate of crayfish! Luckily he brought other stuff too! Sorry your husband felt ill, but I bet you had fun nosing around by yourself~ what an incredible trip, love love seeing all your photos!

  14. Thanks for stopping by a few weeks ago at my Fabulous Friday Party and it was really nice to meet you here at the party! Hope you had a great Halloween. Lovely photos of Burgandy!
    Stop by this Friday for another Party Thanks Maria

  15. Wow - what a wonderful way to spend an anniversary! Gorgeous photos and I just adore those charming streets! Thanks so much for linking up to Take Me Away! Enjoy your week!


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