Friday, April 4, 2014

Trees Cut in the Garden

 Much to my dismay my pine trees became infested with pine beetles and had to be cut. I loved the pine straw and the shade they offered.
If you haven't seen tree cutters climb 80 foot trees it is a sight to see.
They cut as many limbs as they can and work their way up the tree.

It was nerve wracking to watch because the tree had rotted near the top. Woodpeckers had made large holes.

 The heavy limbs falling made large holes. I had to loose the arbor in this pic. More about that later.
 They rope the limbs and hoist them down with ropes. They are very skilled in felling trees in such a way as to avoid fences and plants. They knew they couldn't save five of my hydrangea bushes so they dug them up for me. They were replanted the next day temporarily until I get a new garden plan.
 The camellia you see in this pic did get scalped from the other side. It was amazing that was all the damage done. Two smaller oak trees also had to be cut  because they were in the way. Cutting four trees opened this space immensely. I have a whole new dimension in this area. I may be able to grow more plants that handle sun.
As you can see the trees were large approximately 20 inches in diameter. This job took almost a full day. The next day involved grinding the stumps. That was a job for another expert in this field. I didn't get pictures of that but did lose my arbor. It had to be taken down in order for the large stump grinder to get through. I was initially disappointed about loosing the confederate jasmine on the arbor but there are many worse things in life. I will put the arbor back and may or may not grow a vine of some kind on it.

I think I am going to hire someone with a Bobcat to level out this area. It is a huge job that I don't think we should tackle. This was not something I planned but it may be a blessing in disguise. 


  1. Wow girl....
    You have a whole new garden..This looks both exciting and challenging.. I love making new garden spaces. Can't wait to see what you do..
    Love, Mona

  2. I just realized that both my high school and college alma maters mention pine trees! Thus the pleasure of being educated in the South! Pine trees, although poetic, cause big trouble in hurricanes, so I'm all for limiting them around my house. You'll be glad you have this space free and can have fun making plans for new things.

  3. It is always so sad when you have to lose a tree, but if they are sick it is better to have them taken down. I hope that you have lots of fun planning what you will grow now in their place and that your garden will soon be a joy to behold!! xx

  4. is hard to lose the advanced shrubs and trees for some reason they no longer do the job anymore. However, once a decision has been made, well perhaps it opens up new gardening opportunities you will also enjoy. I'm also losing five crepe myrtles next week ....Those arborist are game men hiking up a tree to such dizzy heights.

  5. I am sorry about your arbor and the trees but I can't wait to see your new garden plan. I love the sunshine shining through the trees.

  6. Hi Bonnie,

    I can see why it would be nerve-wracking to watch these men at work -- a dangerous job. I can see that it requires skill and precision to do this without causing a lot of damage to themselves and others' property. Whew!

    I'm so sorry you had to lose the trees and especially your arbor. It takes some time to train a vine to grow and cover an arbor like that. I hope you can replant your Confederate Jasmine; that fragrance is one of the best. You're going to have a very busy gardening season, yes? Take care, Bonnie, and have a great day!



  7. So hard to lose trees, but so much safer than letting them fall on their own! Look at all of the sunlight you have now!

  8. Hello Bonnie,
    I finally made it over for a visit. :) That was quite the job in your garden!! Sounds like you will enjoy making new additions to your yard. Sorry about the beetle kill. We too have that problem and keep VERY busy each summer and fall cutting down the trees. We have a wood burner so it gets used and then my husband sells it.
    I am your newest follower and look forward to visiting often.
    Joy! Debbie

  9. I can't wait to see what you will do with your new area! I know all too well the sadness you felt having to take down the trees too! You will do amazing things in that spot now...just got a feeling! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. Well welcome to the bobcat club! LOL! Sorry to hear that you had to have so many mature trees cut down. I'm a huge tree lover and have had my share of that done at our house too. I always hate it! It's expensive and then I always feel like there is a huge naked spot where the tree was. Also hate to hear about you losing your arbor with the vine as well. Ours came down in a snowstorm this past winter. Sniff Sniff! I miss it already! Good luck with getting your yard back in shape. I know you will have it looking good soon.

  11. So hard to take down trees...but you have a whole wonderful space!!


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