Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thank you, AMERICA!

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands. One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

 My grandmother's quilt was the inspiration for my Fourth of July table.
 Cobalt water bottles hold daisies from my neighbor's garden. I plan to plant daises next year because I have enjoyed my neighbor's so much.

My garden penta's decorated my napkin rings.  Rattan chargers are from World Market, and white plates are Spode Mansard. The red goblets from Wal Mart have been used so often.

Have you wondered where my chairs are? I am excited that I am getting my table and chairs painted. The table I am using in the photo is my patio table.

I am very happy to use this quilt for the first time. Would you believe I have had it in a bag for many years and have never used it at all. I have one more that  my grandmother made that I will use soon as inspiration for a tablescape.

I always learn something every time I do a tablescape. This was how the table started out. The flags seemed too tall and the one bottle looked lonely. I also thought the napkin rings were too plain and that's when I decided to add garden flowers to add some color.  When I cut  the flags shorter and added the smaller blue bottles with daisies I liked it better. What do you think?

I am so glad I saved these water bottles. I hope they are still available because I would like more. Has anyone seen these recently?

The yellow in the quilt gave me the idea about  using daisies. 

I am thinking red, white and blue even in food. Yogurt, blueberries, strawberries and granola make a great snack or breakfast.

The entire time I was setting the table and looking at our flag I was thinking about our country and what our nation represents. I remembered I had several old pieces of sheet music that were my mother's. I found it and looked at the date on it. It said copyright 1939.

It gives me chill bumps now as I look at the tattered old piece of music. I learned that Kate Smith sang this song written by Irving Berlin on Armistice Day in 1938.
As I read the words I was blown away. I always think of the chorus but when I read the first verse it was amazing to me. War clouds were gathering in Europe in 1938. The war started in 1939. Thinking about this verse and history and our nation now has given me much thought the last few days.

I am grateful for a land that's free. As I continued to ponder the words to the song I became interested and googled Irving Berlin. If you are interested you may read more about the history of this song at the following link:

Happy Birthday America. May God Bless America always. Happy Fourth of July.

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  1. Bonnie...just beautiful..and the view into your yard is too...I love the idea of your quilt being the inspiration....the whole table is great. I like the way you cut the flags shorter and added daisies. I have seen those water bottles at Earthfare...thanks for a really good table..
    Love, Mona
    happy 4th to you

  2. Beautiful sweet Bonnie! The quilt is fabulous and of course, so Americana that how could it not inspire you to decorate such gorgeous setting in honor of the great USA! Have a wonderful Fourth weekend.

  3. Bonnie~ Your grandmother's quilt makes my heart sing and beat red, white & blue! I ADORE your daisy-filled bottles and flower-adorned napkin rings! Your mother's sheet music is such a sweet and sentimental touch! Wishing you and your family a Happy Independence Day!

  4. Your setting is beautiful and I love your grandmother's quilt! Happy 4th of July-have fun:@)

  5. Oh how pretty your grandmother's quilt is --- you've done her proud with such a lovely tablescape. I love your flower and flag mixture too.....nicely done!

  6. I remember hearing Kate Smith perform God Bless America as a small child. Glad that you shared the verse...I hope that many read and absorb its meaning. Beautiful tables. Thanks for inviting us for a peak and Happy 4th! Cherry Kay

  7. Oh I love your tablescape, so pretty. I love the quilt it is wonderful and the sheet music is a very special treasure. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

  8. I am glad you used your grandmother's quilt. Your table is beautiful. I have never seen those bottles but i will keep a look out for them. Happy 4th my friend!

  9. Love your 4th of July table setting!!! I have several old quilts similar to yours (made by John's great grandmother). Just love them - use them often. I'm in charge of decorations for the Keenager's luncheon at church in July. Plan to use black-eyed susans in antique milk bottles tied with raffia. I have made some vintage 4th of July postcards that I pinned on Pinterest - think you would like them.( You might want to check them out on my Pinterest Board.) Using floral picks to insert them in the milk bottle arrangements. I think I'll borrow your idea of displaying the flags in cobalt blue bottles - have several of different shapes and sizes - for the "greeting" table. Your pictures always inspire me!!! Thanks for sharing!! I will post some pics on FB, since I don't have a blog. Maxine

  10. Beautiful table, so patriot and ready for the Fourth. I love your view out the window, I would want to eat most of my meals sitting at this table.

  11. Oh Bonnie, what wonderful inspiration you had from your grandmother's quilt!! Yes, I love how you redid the centerpiece... it's perfect. I love the view of your pretty heard from your window. Happy 4th to you!

  12. Beautiful, beautiful tribute to our great nation AND tablescape. I am so grateful for living in this wonderful place. Love that you are using your grandmother's quilt!! ;) And, the blue bottles are perfect! May God continue to Bless America. Happy Fourth, Bonnie!

  13. I was all set to comment on that beautiful table, and then I got sidetracked loving your TREASURE of sheet music. I collect old sheet music that has a special meaning to me, and that one is definitely a special one. What a blessing to have it.

    As for the table, I just love it. You had me at the quilt for a tablecloth and then reeled me in with those cobalt vases of daisies. This table made me smile.

  14. Bonnie, your post is the perfect one to read as the sun is setting here on what has been a glorious 4th of July. The sheet music is such a treasure as is the quilt from your grandmother. I appreciate that you have shared this with us today. Your tablesetting is a beautiful tribute to America. Hurray for the red, white, and blue. ~ Sarah

  15. Love the sheet music. You have used several of my favorite elements in the this table; a quilt, cobalt blue glass and flowers. I have seen those blue water bottles at TJMax recently and I think World Market my have them too. Dianne

  16. Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie....what a neat table! The quilt is such a great foundation for the whole look! Your Grandmother's quilt, your Mom's sheet music...really special patriotic touches!

    Hooray that you're getting your table and chairs painted! I look forward to seeing the end result!

  17. The quilt was such a sweet idea. We are truly blessed by God to be Americans.

  18. Red, white and beautiful! I adore your grandmothers quilt and the sheet music. Such a festive table. Well done.

  19. What a beautiful way to celebrate our nation's birthday... and such a treasure from your grandmother! HOpe your 4th was very happy!

  20. Hi Bonnie,

    I love the table! What a
    beautiful quilt and fun
    pieces. Thanks for sharing.

    Bear Hugs,

  21. How lovely! Love your patriotic breakfast too!

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