Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hydrangeas turning color inspiration

In July, the hydrangeas start turning from blue to a beautiful green. I loved using my McCoy vase.  This is not a posed picture of a table scape. Just snapped it before putting a hot dish in the center of the table.
You can't see the rain but it was raining pretty hard when my husband snapped this pic. It had been raining all day actually all week and a girl gets stir crazy and cuts flowers in the rain. I am posting from my iPad for the first time.  It is different and I have not figured everything out yet.
So much has been going on at my house as you can see in the following pics. We had a large tree cut in the front of the house that was leaning as well as bucking up the driveway.

Gas lines are being installed in our neighborhood. I had just had four crape myrtles cut down at my driveway entrances and waiting for the stumps to be ground. One stump was in their way and they scooped it up root and all with their front loader.  The next thing I knew they had done all four.  I was so pleased and didn't even ask them to do it.  The crape myrtles had grown into trees and were interfering with the grass and other trees. I am soo glad they are gone. It looks so much better! I am equally glad the large tree is gone. I have more light in the  house.
So you can see I have been busy with workman. The next day we had workman here all day installing a new air conditioning unit.

I don't know how to enlarge the pics on the iPad. It is tricky correcting a mistake too because the touch feature is so sensitive. Also don't know how to remove a loaded pic. 

Thanks for letting me experiment with blogging from the iPad!

From my laptop:  My experiment did work but was not FUN!  I installed an app from blogger to be able to post from my iPad. You can only access your draft post from the blogger app. It does not show up on your regular computer until you publish it.  It is hard to write text because the touch feature is super sensitive. If you make a typing mistake it is hard to correct it except as you go along.Trying to touch the place you want to insert a word later makes it jump back to the beginning. It takes patience and more patience. I am sure if I keep working at it I will get better and faster. If you are just posting pictures it is not hard. I do like going to your camera roll and uploading a picture quickly.

Have any of you had success with posting from your iPad? Share some things you have learned.


  1. Hey Bonnie..your table is lovely..I do love green McCoy Mccoyand the picture of you picking flowers in the rain, such a great picture..
    I have posted from my Kindle but much prefer computer...

  2. Hello Bonnie, love the blueygreens on your table. Your table and chairs are lovely too. It sounds like it has been pretty hectic around your place, you did extremely well to post at all, let alone from your ipad. I don't have an ipad, just a laptop and an ancient phone, so I can't help you I'm afraid.
    Many thanks for your visits and lovely comments. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. With much love, Linda xx

  3. Oh, Bonnie, I applaud your willingness to try something new with the iPad. I'm just to lazy to try to learn another way. LOL! Your table is just gorgeous with the greens!!! I'm with you on enjoying more light... ;) blessings ~ tanna

  4. Hi Bonnie! Your table looks gorgeous and the colors are just lovely! I don't have an iPad, but I agree with Tanna and I applaud you for trying something new :) I am stuck in my old ways.

    Have a great weekend. Hugs to you!

  5. i always get so sad when i see trees cut down... i used to look at a 100 acre orchard, they killed them all and i sobbed for a week...

    your hydrangeas look like such a pretty color~

  6. Good news about the trees!

    It looks like you are doing fairly well with the ipad.

    I imagine it will be good to have on a trip to stay in touch. I myself don't take much technology on trips with me as I spend the time enjoying the ancient surroundings. :)

    Have a wonderfully lovely day!

  7. I love the picture of you in the rain with the flowers. Love your table also. Thanks for posting.

  8. I have loved catching up with your new posts on the blog. I don't get to visit my fav. blogs much now that reader is discontinued. But I will subscribe to yours via email. You do a great job with the blog~ love to you and Mr. Morgan!

  9. Your hydrangeas are beautiful Bonnie and worth a trip out in the rain! We've had record rainfall, close to our annual total in June & July, we're waterlogged! Wordpress has an app to post from my iPad but I'd already decided it would be too frustrating for me. I have enough difficulties sending an email from it :)


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