Saturday, February 2, 2013

Blogger Questions? Please help!

Can anyone tell me how to get the printing off the screen on the right side ( Post settings , Labels, Schedule, etc.)while you are composing a post? I like having a larger screen to be able to see your work and these items are annoying. It would be great if someone could tell me how to fix this.

This is a question about Picasa. Since I got a new laptop when I open Picasa it names my events and individual pictures with long numbers and letters like HDML instead of the event name in iPhoto. Can anyone tell me how I can fix this? Sorry this photo is crooked.

Looking forward to your answers.


  1. I just looked at the screen for making a new post and mine isn't large on the side like yours. I don't see a drop down or anything to click on. As a simple thing to try, have you signed off and signed back in? You know like turning it off and back on? That's always something to try. :)

  2. I just did what you mentioned Stacey, before I read your comment and it worked! Maybe it'll work for Bonny too...although I don't have all she has at my left hand, but only at the right, which is the one taht just dissapeared.

  3. I see you have an Mac, at the bottom all your icons are showing. There is way to have those drop down out of site which would give you more room on your screen too, unfortunately I don't remember how to do that. Check with your friendly apple folks. I hate those computer problems!!! Laura

  4. I WISH I could help out with this Bonnie, but I struggle with this stuff all the time!! LOL! Good luck!! blessings ~ tanna

  5. I hope u find the way I'm rubbish with comps x

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  6. Hi Bonnie~ Sorry I'm no help with Blogger questions, I used Blogger for about 20 minutes :) I don't have a Mac, on my PC when I import photos to Picasa, from my camera or SD card, I name the folder when they are uploaded. If you don't give the photos/folder a name, after the fact you can right click on the photo and edit folder will pop up and then you can rename the photos. Hope that helps.


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