Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Newlyweds first home ( Before and After )

This is my niece and her husband's home in LaGrange, Georgia. They have 
been married less than a year. You will enjoy the before and after pics and see how busy they have been painting and decorating their new home in their spare time.

They were so fortunate to find such a charming home they could enjoy for a long time and have room to grow as a family with a nice yard in a nice neighborhood.
The front door was originally green and now is a striking red color.  I love the character  and personality the older style door gives with the three small window panes. I believe the house was built in 1929.
This is the before pic when my niece and her husband bought the house.
The after pic shows her personality and colors and styles popular today. I am crazy about your bird pictures. Pretty basket and buffalo plaid pillow too.

Love the aqua painted wall color. Hardwoods floors are so nice and pretty. Their house is roomy and has a bath and several bedrooms upstairs.
Original sunporch before. Pic below is the after photo.
Re-purposed sunroom now her office. Such a cheery room to work in.
Hallway before.

After. Love the new rug bought on the internet! There is a half bath on the left where you see the red door.

This is the half bath mentioned above. I don't have the after pic but you can visualize the wallpaper border gone and a new wall color.
Master bedroom after.
Master before.
The master bedroom is long and I like the way Lauren made a separate dressing area with a curtain divider!
Kitchen after painting. Notice the chalk board wall.

Kitchen before.

I understand there are so many plans in the making for this room but that time will come. They are coming up on a year of marriage soon. I think they have done quite a lot in a short time don't you?

Back den before.
Back den after. I love the Georgia map and the pillow with their wedding date. You can view her bridesmaids luncheon last September here . I also like the paint colors. Stripe rug ties everything together and so stylish! The before pic is below.

I think they did a great job painting don't you? I bet they need a break from all the painting.  Did you notice the 1950's stereo console and albums? My eye went straight to it.  I must know the story on this. Was it Dustin's or in his family?

Sorry the light is this room is hard to photograph. All the pics were made on either an iPhone or iPad.
Their yard has GREAT bones! That means great potential and the foundation is there! Lauren, it will come. It just takes time and work. It's too hot now but in the fall you and Dustin will get it together.
So true.  I love this in your kitchen.
Look closely at the attached carport.  It has a cathedral ceiling and even a darling chandelier! Can you visualize a spring or fall party here spilling out in the back yard. Great shade trees and fenced in.
Cute thrifty find for storage at the back door.
Dining room before.
Dining room after. Love the stripe walls. That was a lot of work. The table is sentimental to me because it was my mother's. My mother would be so proud her granddaughter is enjoying it. I like how she took a traditional table and added new chairs to update the look. Brass chandy was painted white.
Lauren and Dustin you have transformed the house to make it your own. It is darling. Thank you for the tour.

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My heart goes out to all of you in the affected storm areas.  You are in my prayers. Bonnie


  1. What a cute house. Fun to see what your niece has done to the place. She has some nice ideas.

  2. Your niece's home is lovely, she did really nice transformations and she will for ever! She has some great ideas and so wonderful to see just married young couples doing so well this day and age of hard times. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Your niece really did a lovely job transformation her home! She & her hubby had some terrific ideas!

  4. Hi Bonnie

    Lauren and Dustin have a wonderful home
    it is just lovely
    I hope that they will be very very happy there.

    Fiona x

  5. What an adorable bungalow! I'm in awe over how much they have accomplished and painted in one short year! I love the garage area~ I'd be tempted to be completely impractical and have an outdoor room there with the cars parked in the drive or on the street :)

  6. Lauren & Dustin, You have done an incredible job transforming this charming bungalow into a updated and
    comfortable home! I am amazed that you have done it in such a short time. Each room reflects so much of
    your personality while keeping the amazing character of the home. Thank you for allowing a tour of the before and after of your diligent work and decorating skills!!!
    Have a blessed day....Pam

  7. What a cute house I love it. It does have a lot of charm and now the fun part adding their personality, which they are doing. Gotta love paint it does wonders.

  8. That is the cutest house ever! They have had a busy year, but so worth it!


  9. I love this style house. They have done a beautiful job making it their home. I love the colors and styles she chose.

  10. wow! what a great home your niece has, and it looks like they've truly made it their style. i love all the graphic rugs and the stipes on the walls!

  11. Wow! Your neice has great taste! She has done a fantastic job updating the home. I love her choice of colors and the casual feel of the home. Adding the stripes to the dining room wall was an instant update that really stands out! I'm very impressed with what they've done in a short period of time. I love older homes like that. I hope they enjoy the charm and good quality of their new "older" home. It has already proven to stand the test of time.

  12. What an amazing space! The house is truly loved. Well done.

  13. Isn't it amazing what paint and a lot of elbow grease can do to transform a place! There was a time when my hubby and I did the same kind of work, and we were so proud of our resuts. Where have those times gone?do give your niece my kudos.

  14. Great home tour. I think the way the TV is built in next to the fireplace is brilliant!

  15. Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday!

  16. Hi darling, Wow! What a beautiful first starter home. They've done a ton of work and the love they put into shows.. Thanks for taking us a long for the beautiful tour. hugs ~lynne~

  17. What a charming little house! Oh, I love those wide baseboards :)

  18. Such a charming house and they have made it such a welcoming and cozy home. Good for them.

    You asked about the spray paint I used for the pumpkins, I Design Masters 24K gold spray paint for the gold and I got it at Michaels about a year ago, then I used the Chrome paint that they have at Lowes's for the silver. There are a lot of different brands. If the gold doesn't come out as shiny as you want, then give it a quick coat of the clear. It makes all the difference in giving the gold the look of real gold. I am sorry DT is just me being lazy and not typing out the words Dollar Tree. Thanks for the visit and your gracious comment. Hope this helps. Hugs, Marty

  19. What a sweet home they have made for themselves! LOTS of space. SO nice you came by and noticed my moon shot! Come along for a picnic any time! Hope you're enjoying fall. It's October tomorrow!

  20. What a charming House. If this is the Living Place, then there is no need to go Honeymoon after marriage

    Well i m Busy with Thanksgiving Prep.

    So wishing you in Advance Thanksgiving Day 2012

  21. Hi Bonnie,

    I love your niece and nephew's home; it really has lots of charm! It reminds me of the homes in the neighborhood in Greensboro where we bought our first home many years ago. Ours was built in 1924, so very close in age to this one. These homes have so many decorating possibilities, and I love that they almost always have lots of sunlight and hardwood floors. I still miss that about our little bungalow home. Your niece has a good eye for decorating, and I do love the paint colors they chose. I hope you'll show some updates after they get their yard landscaped.

    I read this post several weeks ago when you first published it, and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to leave a comment. I've got to try to stay caught up with my visiting and commenting.

    I hope you have a wonderful week, Bonnie. It was so nice to hear from you yesterday, and I hope you'll have time to do some more posts soon.




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