Friday, July 6, 2012

Visiting Son's Family

We had a wonderful visit recently with our son's family.
Our grandson loves the peacocks.
There is a park near their home with a lake, peacocks, ducks and  geese. Our grandson loves feeding them all.
Not sure of the temperature this day but it was early in the day and a nice breeze. The temps were very high (106) while we were there. The hot weather followed us home and for the first time I can remember we had triple digits of 106 for a few days in Alabama!
Our daughter- in-law is so patient and allows an eighteen month old to help make a salad. I wish I could show the video where she lets him crack eggs and scramble them. It is a sight to see. He doesn't get any shells in the eggs nor does he spill any.
Hope this video loaded because it is so cute of Will (18 months old cracking eggs! )

He is wearing his Daddy's cowboy boots here. There is something very special about that!

What a picture!

The peacocks were beautiful, very tame and roaming everywhere.
We enjoyed this little boy. Is he in for a surprise when baby sister arrives in a few months!  We had a great time. Thank you. We are so blessed!

We had a great time visiting, eating wonderful food and seeing KA at Cirque Soleil.  That was a special treat. Thank you.


  1. That video was awesome. I was cracking up and they were cracking eggs. I was impressed with him but I was impressed with mom cracking eggs with one hand. I could never do that. I think you guys will have a master chef on your hands soon.
    Thanks for sharing this. I know you will enjoy every minute of this young man's life. My five grandsons are adults now. I have so many fun memories.
    You stirred those, thank you,
    I am following via GFC.

  2. Loved the pictures of James's little boy!! So precious of him cracking eggs! At 18 months!! What were they making? Lovely photographs of the peacock and lake - doesn't look like the hot dry desert of Nevada. So lush and green. You are certainly blessed with a little granddaughter on the way - know you wish they lived closer. Thanks for sharing your precious family photos with us. Maxine M.

  3. I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your family. I love all the pictures especially the ones of your grandson in his father's boots. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I always love meeting your family. You are lucky to have only one little boy at a time. My daughter is here with her 3 under the age of 3 and you wouldn't believe the chaos. Who knew little boys could find so many things to get into!

  5. What a special time with your families (I checked out both of your trips!)

  6. Oh nice that you get to visit your son and his family. What a beautiful family and your grandson is such a cutie!...Christine

  7. You have a handsome little prince! I loved the cowboy boots. I still have my cowboy boots that I wore at the same age. They make me smile each time that I pass them. Thanks for introducing us to your beautiful family. Cherry Kay

  8. That was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen! He was just so focused on what he was doing and asking all the right questions. For an 18-month old I think he does a REALLY good job of expressing himself! What a little doll!!! His Mom is incredibly patient. Involving him in activities like this now will be such a good thing for his future! Gotta tell you, too...quite impressed that she is able to open those eggs with one hand!!!! Thanks for sharing! This is really cute!

  9. You said it yourself. You are blessed. The cowboy boots are just about the cutest thing I've ever seen...and you were so smart to save them!

  10. You are blessed! I enjoyed the beautiful pictures of your family. Those peacocks are fabulous! My all-time favorite writer is Flannery O'Connor, and peacocks always remind me of her.

  11. Hi Dear Bonnie,

    This is such a SWEET post!! First of all, the scenery in the pics is gorgeous -- Wow! And you got a great shot of the male peacock showing off. I can't seem to get good animal pics.

    Now, your family is lovely. You're so fortunate to have sons, daughters, and darling grands. I watched the precious video; it's adorable!! Our son's name is Will, by the way, so I'm rather partial to that name. :) Your DIL certainly is patient, and I'll say what everyone else has said; I'm really impressed that she can crack eggs with one hand. I do well to crack them with two. I can tell this must have been a wonderful visit in every way. Congratulations on your upcoming new grandchild and have a wonderful weekend.


  12. heart is full now after watching that precious video of your grandson stirring the eggs. He is the SWEETEST thing! Of course, I love his name too. My youngest is named Will. I love his red hair too. It looks like you had a wonderful visit with them. They have a beautiful home.


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