Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best Christmas Present !

A new grandchild is born! As I have heard said, We are over the moon! 

                                 We love you.


  1. Beautiful baby :o) A very happy new year to you and yours.

    God bless you all.

  2. Congratulations Bonnie. So happy for you and your family. And glad you got your Christmas wish! You are going to love your Tamron lens. Take some photos of your baby will you? Happy New Year! xoxo Delores

  3. Thank you for the sweet birthday wish. I did have a wonderful day and it is fun to see today that so many bloggers wished me happy birthday!

    Congratulations, what a beautiful baby and gorgeous parents. Mom looks so radiant, not like she just had a baby!!! It is the greatest gift.

  4. Thanks so much for your comment and CONGRATULATIONS on your new grandbaby! I was just talking with my older daughter about how I before I know it, in just a couple of years, I hope to be a grandmother, too! What a beautiful grandbaby you have!!!! What a blessing from God!!!!

    Hey--you've never been to Italy--well, come visit! My home will be open to one and all!
    As a Christian I truly believe that's the way to live life!!!

    Many blessings to you,

  5. Congratulations! What a wonderful Christmas gift. Having a newborn during Christmas time seems to make the meaning of the the gift of life and God's gift of Jesus all so much more special.

  6. What a wonderful blessing & gift indeed!!

  7. What a beautiful blessing~ such sweetness!

  8. Congratulations on this wonderful addition to your family. My son was born December 23, 1989. Christmases have never been the same. Your grandson is precious. La


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