Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bridal Coffee

I am reposting a spring bridal coffee that I hosted in my home four years ago. I like reviewing former posts for inspiration. It's spring time and weddings are being planned. Are you hosting a bridal party in the near future?

Friends of the groom's mother prepared the wonderful food. Pictured in front: shrimp grits canapes, and  homemade orange rolls.
     Can you see the tiny bird's nest in the arrangement? There are two nests in the arrangement and one nestled on the table. 

Mini Spinach Quiche, Basil Muffins, Sausage Muffins, and Fresh Strawberries with Cream Cheese Dip were all delicious.

Yummy fudge and tiger butter!

Macaroni cheese muffins with a little kick!

The almond punch was easy and a big hit! 

Almond Punch

6 cups water
4 small tea bags ( used decaf)
1 cup sugar
1 can frozen lemonade with 4 cans of water
1 tsp almond flavoring

Boil water and add 4 small tea bags and steep. Add 1 cup sugar, mix with 1 can frozen lemonade with four cans of water. Add 1 tsp almond flavoring. Yields about 2 1/2 quarts.

A champagne bucket was used for a vase and bird's nests added to the arrangements of queen anne's lace, stock, hypericum berries, button and fuji mums.

Orchids decorated the buffet.
 We have a strong support system in our town with friends hosting bridal parties. The ladies pictured were all hostesses for the party.
We like to use our "garden flowers" as much as we can. Camellias are in season and are usually hard to arrange but this one went together easily. The friend that cut these knew exactly how to pick the right stems that would arrange well. You want to pick blooms that are facing the right side of the leaves.

Pictured from left to right are: my friend and the groom's mother, The BRIDE and myself. I am happy to announce that the happy couple are now expecting their first child. Wow, the years have passed quickly.

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  1. That is absolutely gorgeous. Please let us in on the secrets for the Macoroni Muffins and the Almond PUnch. ....It all is just lovely!

  2. Everything looks so beautiful...please share the recipe for the Shrimp Grits Canapes!!

  3. The presentation is wonderful for a shower. I can't wait to see the other photos and some recipes would be fun to share especially those little macaroni muffins etc.

  4. Wow, what an amazing selection of food and beverages! You sure do know how to throw a party! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures and I too would love to hear more about how to make these yummy looking treats.

    I am coming back soon to have a look at your blog and all the lovely pictures-see you then!

    Best wishes and have a lovely weekend,

  5. Everything looks beautiful! I love to see people using their fine china, silver, and crystal. Casual has its place, but I still like traditional elegance done well for an event such as this one. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos with us. Wonderful inspiration!

    Bill @ Affordable Accoutrements

  6. What a lovely occasion -- thanks for sharing and inspiration -- I'm hosting a bridal shower next month!

  7. This is just so refreshing lovely! What pretty details and most importantly the beautifully presented food looks absolutely delicious!

    That almond punch also intrigues me!

    Do come by for a visit;we'll enjoy some 'cyber tea and or/coffee'.

    Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  8. That table is just perfect. The food looks delicious and I love all the pretty silver.
    Mostly, I love the rug. Can you tell me the name of it?

  9. Welcome to your first Foodie Friday! What a wonderful post--great pictures, delicious food, beautiful surroundings. I hope you will join us again!!

  10. I'm pretty sure I saw this rug on the Horchow website years ago, I don't know if it's still there.

  11. I bought my rug eight years ago at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta. I would think most rug dealers could get this needlepoint pattern for you. The Persian rug dealers carry antique persian rugs but also many new needlepoint patterns. Hope this helps. I am glad you like the rug.

    Thank you and everyone for their nice comments.

  12. Beautiful tables...the floral design is beautiful. Looks like no one would go away hungry, either!

  13. Thank you sooo much for sharing these pictures! Everything looks so beautiful, elegant and delicious!!

  14. what a wonderful setting, you have some just beautiful pieces, the silver is stunning, would love to have the recipe for almond punch...sounds so interesting...Hope you all had a great time, I am a new follower, I will be back again, come for a visit....Phyllis

  15. What a spectacular table! I love this type of event, and all the wonderful goodies are SO beautifully presented that I wish I could have attended!

  16. What a beautiful and delicious display. Everything looks sooooooo good. Hope you had fun!

    - The Tablescaper

  17. Sweet greetings from Frog Hollow Farm. What a beautiful table and delicious looking foods you have photographed for your post. Everything is so elegant and truly lovely. Could you please share the recipes, especially for the macaroni cheese muffins? Pretty please??? Ciao, bella!

  18. For those that requested the recipe for the macaroni cheese muffins you can find the recipe in the Feb/Mar issue of Taste of the South. They are called Smoking Vidalia mac and two cheese appetizer tart.

  19. What an elegant table - you have some beautiful silver pieces. Fabulous food, and displayed with perfection.

  20. What a lovely table! What you are serving looks heavenly!

  21. What a beautiful party, and the food looks delicious.
    I would love the recipe for Almond Punch. It is so hard to find a good punch recipe.


    White Spray Paint

  22. Bonnie, this shower looks perfectly delectable in every way! I know the bride felt so honored and kudos to the hostesses for every detail that made it so spectacular. Do you have the Southern Lady book Gracious Tables? Your gorgeous pictures remind me of those featured in the book. Wonderful! P.S. I put my new blog address on my comment, didn't know if you had it yet. And I'm learning about enlargements as well......

  23. This is just beautiful. I do not think I have ever seen a more lovely presentation!!! Cheers, Lia

  24. Oh, I love your large pictures! What a difference! I may not have the answers, but feel free to ask questions about blogging. I'm slowly figuring it all out too. Nice photos of the bridal coffee. And what a funny story about your husband's brown trout! My husband will get a kick out of that one!

  25. Bonnie,
    This is glad you posted this since I didn't know you 4 years ago... That table is perfect for a shower and I am going to save it for future reference. I absolutely love the flower beautiful....I loved this whole post. Makes me wish I lived in a town with such a support system...
    Love, Mona

  26. No bridal parties in my future, but what a fabulous looking table! I love your serving pieces. So very elegant. Whoever she was, she was a lucky bride!

  27. Beautiful and so elegant! The food looks wondrrful! Camellias, have none, but want them! On my list for this season.

  28. Bonnie your blog is just lovely! I look forward to seeing more!


  29. Still lovely four years later. Love the white arrangement in the silver pitcher...perfect! Tell me, Bonnie, did you do all the fixing? Everything looks wonderful.

  30. Your table was gorgeous Bonnie and the food, swoon, what a great and fun assortment. The centerpiece with the nests is beautiful!

  31. This just makes me yearn all the more for the opportunity to put on a bridal...something!!! Anything!!! I was on a hot run for awhile there, but I've been cut off. These girls just won't cooperate! I'm going to have to put an ad on Craig's List for new nieces! :-)

    Everything was just beautiful, especially those fabulous flowers! It's wonderful that the support system among the women there in town is so strong. That really helps a lot, I'm sure.

    Nice to hear that 4 years later the marriage is strong and a little one is on the way! Have a great weekend!

  32. Bonnie,
    Okay, those mac-n-chesse muffins look so yummy and that almond punch is a new one to me (maybe I will try it sometime). Thanks for sharing this lovely party with all of us.


  33. Bonnie, I missed this the first time around, thanks for sharing it again! The food and table looks delicious and beautiful,I know the bride must have been thrilled. I've always wanted to do a shrimp & grits canape for a party but never have. I ADORE your arrangement in your champagne bucket!


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