Thursday, March 27, 2014

Longing for bluebirds

It's the time of year that bluebirds decide where to build their nests. Do you have bluebird boxes?

I am afraid I want to have bluebirds too badly.

Last year they checked my box out but ......

They didn't decide to stay.  Sure would have been a good picture without that blur. Wish I could photoshop that away.

I got a fancy new birdhouse late in the summer after nesting season. Do you think they will like it?

I've seen them  recently over the last several weeks watching. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Any suggestions  to attract bluebirds will be appreciated.


  1. Wow Bonnie, you got some good shots of the bluebird!! I wouldn't worry about that blur because the bird shows up so well. :) Aren't they just beautiful birds?! I LOVE them. We've never been able to get them to nest here either, but I've seen them fly in and out of our neighbors' boxes. The owner of the bird feed store we shop at told us they like wide open spaces where they can keep an eye on their boxes and where the predators don't have easy access to the nest; i.e., lots of trees and bushes nearby for predators to hide in. Don't know if that helps or not. :)

    I love your pretty new birdhouse; I'm always partial to the copper roofs. Good luck with the bluebirds and have a nice weekend!



  2. I hope that they decide to take up residence for you!! They certainly have a beautiful new house to occupy, if I was a bird I would move into such a des res that is for sure!! xx

  3. your bluebirds. We have a lot of redbirds and I just love to watch them. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. No bluebirds in these parts except for bluejays. In Maine, I have 3 birdhouses in the yard and no feathered friends ever find their way into them. I guess the entry is too small for gulls! I see your azaleas are in full bloom, too.

  5. I can see why you love there beautiful birds. Hope they like the new home.

  6. Hello Bonnie, I am sure the Bluebirds would love to nest in your beautiful house. We don't have them here. I always think of Snow White when she was pinning the 7 dwarfes washing on the line and the little bluebirds were swooping around her. I shall picture you like that now. Much love to you, Linda xx


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