Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Fall Has Arrived

Fall has arrived! The leaves are falling, cooler mornings are enjoyable, and fall wildflowers like goldenrod are blooming. Spider lilies, sasanqua's, and mums are blooming in my garden. The stores are full of pumpkins, gourds, and mums of all types. The fall smells of pumpkin bread baking and hot apple cider make me know sweater weather is coming.  I set a fall harvest table for two on my patio today.

I love seeing goldenrod bloom in the fall. I decided to cut some for a centerpiece and it has held up extremely well. Goldenrod was the state flower when I was a little girl. It graces the roadsides and adds that golden color to the fall landscape.
The camellia is now Alabama's state flower.
The two antique chairs have been in my husband's family and are now passed down to us. I rather like them with my fall table.
I only bought two of these pumpkin plates a few years ago for a table for my granddaughter and me.  I have been mad at myself since then for not buying more. I haven't been able to find them again. 
The pear and apple napkin rings fit perfectly with my fall harvest table. I think of making pear preserves in the fall and remember fondly my friend's family making apple butter.

This is the table my granddaughter and I enjoyed several years ago.  See post here.

A few velvet pumpkins, dried corn, and bittersweet add texture and contrast to the shiny copper pitcher holding the goldenrod flowers.

The plates were purchased from Wal Mart and are no longer available. Please let me know if you see these plates available anywhere. On the back of the plate, it says -Way to Celebrate Stoneware.

Table Sources:

Floral tablecloth-Home Goods 
Rattan placemats- Pier 1 years ago.
Gold flatware-Hobby Lobby
Vintage napkins
Fruit napkin holders belonged to my MIL
Gold Fostoria glasses -Vintage
Copper Pitcher-TJMaxx

What are your favorite scents and foods that say fall to you?
My husband and I have been traveling and had a fabulous trip celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary. 
I hope to show you some pictures of our trip soon.

Have a lovely week. 🌻🍁🌻


  1. Bonnie, I love your pretty table, especially the goldenrod bouquet. It used to be Alabama's state flower, and really it should be because camellias aren't even native to Alabama.

  2. I thought that about the camellia also. Thanks Ricki.

  3. Your table looks so perfect for Fall, Bonnie! Those two antique chairs are such family treasures, aren’t they?? I hope you find more of those pretty pumpkin plates.

  4. Bonnie, I love your table with the goldenrod centerpiece. I think goldenrod should still be our state flower, it blooms profusely everywhere and is it perfectly autumn. The pumpkin plates are so pretty, hopefully someone will help you find more. The antique chairs are perfect. We have a set of four that belonged to Butch’s great grandparents. The photo from years past of your beautiful granddaughter is precious and I know it brings back special memories. I loved sitting at your beautiful table on this autumn morning. Happy Thursday, my friend!

  5. Finally, I was able to get a comment to go through Bonnie. I was having problems with computer. Love your table! That copper pitcher really caught my eye. I can't wait for you to share some pictures of your 50th wedding anniversary. I hope the rest of your week is wonderful to you sweet Bonnie. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Bonnie, your table looks so lovely. The bouquet of goldenrod is gorgeous in the copper pitcher. A beautiful table for this autumn time of year.

  7. So Fall pretty Bonnie! I love the soft oranges and greens that repeat on your cloth, plates and centerpiece pumpkins! It is lovely to be able to enjoy outdoor spaces again with cooler temps and bright sunny skies~ I love the fun fruit napkin rings too!

  8. Hello, Bonnie. I love this post. Your table is so pretty and I well know the feeling of being upset with myself for passing up something I shouldn't have. I will keep my eye out for them.

    Your centerpiece is lovely. One of the prettiest arrangements that I ever saw was of goldenrod. And, I remember your table with your sweet granddaughter as the guest of honor. I bet she is well on her way to being all grown up.
    Again, a lovely post - have a beautiful weekend. So anxious to see your travel photos.

  9. Beautiful, Bonnie! That's the same tablescloth I purchased for fall. I love the soft colors with the punchy orange. Your antique chairs are gorgeous. I hope you're enjoying fall in AL.

  10. The table is beautiful! I know what you mean about the plates -- I've done that with some dishes and it makes me so mad much later! Goldenrod often gets a bad rap from people who think they are allergic but it isn't, I believe, an allergen. It looks stunning on that table!

  11. Sorry I'm so late Bonnie with my visit! Your autumn table is lovely and I remember when the state flower was Goldenrod. It looks beautiful as your centerpiece with the pumpkin plates. Don't you just want to cry when we realize we should have purchased more! I thought of you this past weekend when I was at the Greenery. I just love that shop............


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