Friday, January 22, 2021

A Year in Review

2020 Tablescapes

It's fun to look back and see your year of tablescapes. It's funny that you forget your own tables. Blogging is a wonderful way of journaling your life activities. At the bottom of my blog header, there are categories that take you directly to blogs pertaining to various topics. 

To review my tablescapes click on tablescapes and scroll through the pictures. You can see the entire blog post by clicking on the name of each post. 

I'm also looking back on my participation in #underthisclochetuesday on Instagram. Here is the year in pictures.

Vignettes are fun to create with what you have to tell a story under your cloche.

There are two cloches in this vignette. Can you find them?
The demitasse china cups came from Switzerland except for the one on the bottom. It was bought at an antique shop in Florida.

This little blue and white vase spoke to me and I had to buy it. It was perfect for Under this cloche Tuesday.
You have to look closely for the small cloche in front of the gardenias. Can you tell what is under the cloche?
Flags are in a blue and white vase under a tall cloche for the Fourth of July.

Aren't sunflowers happy? Under the bell-shaped cloche is a small vase with one single sunflower in a small blue vase.
Toleware pitchers and watering cans come together in this vignette as vases for flowers, and one is featured under the cloche.
This chalkware vase is a recent purchase that tempts me to start a collection of chalkware.

The vintage turquoise vignette is part of a larger collection of turquoise.

This stack of teacups is part of an heirloom set passed down three generations.

This is a special little teapot given to me by my grandmother.

It's time for breakfast and there are butter and jam under the cloche to enjoy with a croissant.

We are all ready to make a BLT sandwich and eat lunch on the porch. I used to bake bread. A straw cloche tops a 70's tray.

It's December and a festive  German skier incense burner is under my cloche.
A velvet pumpkin that I actually made is under my cloche for this post.

Under the cloche is a real eastern tiger swallowtail that sadly I found dead. The items to display under cloches are endless and it is fun to learn more about the item to include in the post. Do you like to play with cloches?

These pictures do not include all the cloches I did this year but almost all. Photographing cloches sometimes is a challenge because the glass reflects. 

It is a rainy winter day in south Alabama. Have a lovely day. I don't know about you but I am ready for spring flowers. But, here is a Lenton rose from my garden about to open.


I can't wait for it to open! Happy Friday!

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  1. Oh, that little skier in the cloche! Love it!

    I don't do a lot with cloches but I love seeing them. I guess I'm more likely to tuck things in lanterns, which is a bit similar! All the photos are lovely, Bonnie. Happy weekend!

  2. Thank you dear Jeanie! You are so loyal and prompt. Thank you. I hope you are well during these hard times.

  3. Bonnie, I remember all your beautiful tablescapes! I love them all. You've got such great style, and your cloche takes are so creative! The Lenten rose....ahhhh, a sweet sign of the hope of spring! I keep looking for buds on ones we walk past in our neighborhood. Thank you for sharing! It's a gorgeous color!♥

  4. Thanks so much, Rita. It took me forever to load all those pictures for the cloches and they had to be loaded individually which got a little confusing.My devices are not syncing together as well as I would like.

  5. Good Afternoon Bonnie,
    I enjoyed this post so much! You have such a terrific and creative talent for creating the most glorious, delicate and gracious talbescapes and cloche vignettes.
    Happy Saturday,

    1. Thank you Jemma! You write the nicest comments. It has been a very nice Saturday.

  6. Bonnie, it is so good to see all of your tablescapes in a collection. I remember all of them and they are just gorgeous. I enjoy following your “under the cloche” on IG, each vignette is beautiful and unique. I am so glad you shared them for those who don’t follow Instagram. Wishing you a lovely evening!

    1. Thanks, Pam. Thanks for your visit and sweet comments. I’m looking forward to the Valentine blog hop coming up Feb 2.

  7. Bonnie, a lovely post. I enjoyed seeing all of your tablescapes. It was nice to have them all together in a post to enjoy. You are a creative soul and your work is inspiring.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thank for your kind comment Sandra. For me, tablescapes and cloche vignettes provide an outlet to be creative.

  8. I love Under the Cloche Tuesdays! My favorites of yours are the teacup stack and the skier! Great collage of your tablescapes too Bonnie! See you at the Valentine hop next week!

    1. That was fun to know your favorite cloches. Thanks so much.
      Yes, see you next week for the hop.

  9. I always enjoy your post Bonnie. I know I will be inspired by your beautiful table settings and cloche vignettes. So many lovely designs from you to enjoy. Thanks you for putting this together to share. Now I am strolling back through so I didn't miss anything. Happy Sunday......

    1. Thanks, Emily. I appreciate your support.
      Sure wish we could get together. My daughter moved into town from Hampton Cove.
      Have a good week.

  10. I always enjoy your tablescapes. You always do such beautiful tables Bonnie. Love the way you use your cloches. I have never used them much but I so enjoy seeing how others do. I hope your New Year has started off good with great health. Hugs and blessings to you sweet lady. Cindy

  11. Thank you Cindy. I am glad you enjoy my tablescapes and cloches. It's amazing how fast January flew by.
    Enjoy your week.

  12. I love it when bloggers put together the round-up posts featuring tablescapes from the past year. Yu have some beautiful ones, and the cloche vignettes are so much fun. You are very creative with your vignettes, and I love them!

  13. Oh Bonnie, that was such fun to take a look at your tablescapes and under your cloche. I especially loved the heirloom violet teacups and the darling teapot that your grandmother gave to you. Those were treasures!! I have a cloche and I need to do something creative with it. You've inspired me.


  14. Thanks Kitty. I'm glad you visited and loved you telling me your favorite ones. Cloches are fun.


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