Sunday, September 16, 2018

Autumn Flowers

There is a slight touch of fall in the air here in south Alabama. Our fall flowers are blooming and my spider lilies are doing well this year. They are slowly multiplying. They have taken a while to get established after being moved to this new location. 
Spider lilies remind me of my childhood and bring back many pleasant memories. My agapanthus has seeded out and have lots of seeds. If all the seeds take root I will need to thin out this bed.

Lycorus radiata, known as red spider lily, red magic lily , or equinox flower, is a plant in the amaryllis family.

As the flowers fade, narrow green leaves with silver stripes emerge, last all winter, and then disappear by spring. They will grow in the sun or shade but the blooms are larger in the sun.

I cut a few of the spider lilies for a small arrangement that you may have seen on Instagram.

My daughter and her family visited us last week.  I did a few fall touches in the house including this pitcher of sunflowers, alstroemeria, and limelights on the kitchen island.

 My daughter put these pictures on her Instagram stories that touched my heart! I wanted to share with my blogging friends how sweet my daughter is.

 One evening this week as I drove home the sunset was so mesmerizing I pulled the car over and took a quick pic with my cell phone.
I adore sunrises and sunsets! You can view a post I did with numerous sunrises and sunsets here.
As I turned into my neighborhood I saw the prettiest clouds with the glow from the sunset. Don't you love surprises like this!
 I enjoyed an outing in the country with a friend this week. The farmhouse I visited had beautiful flowers. This cock comb was especially pretty. Last year I was given some cockscomb and I planted seeds in a pot from the dried flowers. They came up and I was rewarded with a plant that now has bloomed.
 Isn't this Gloriosa lily gorgeous?

 This variegated orange canna lily was dazzling.

 Zinnias make me smile.

 My cockscomb looks more like this.

 I don't know the name of this flowering vine but it was stunning against the green grass in the pasture.

I wish I had gotten a picture of the farmhouse and the big red barn. 
We also visited a local nursery and I purchased two pots of mums. Maybe we will have pumpkins in our area soon. It has been extremely warm with temperatures of 96 the last few days and we need rain. Wish we could take some of the flooding rain from South Carolina and North Carolina. For those of you in the storm-affected areas, you are constantly in our prayers.

I am joining Pam@Everydayliving for her last Gardens Galore party of the season.  

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  1. Love all your photos, Bonnie. Especially the ones from your daughter - I know they are priceless to you. Seeing the cockscomb was a treat for me, I grew them in VA. and they dry beautifully. Your spider lilies are spectacular - as is the sunset.

    Beautiful end of summer photos.

  2. W#hat beautiful pictures dear friend. I just love them all and so much color and beauty to behold. precious of your daughter to post like that of her mama's pretties. The temps are awful here. I am struggling so with FALLISH things due to the high heat. I am so sick of those little black pesky mosquitos too! Bring on some cooler temps Lord. But Oh yes....we are not in the midst of a hurricane so I am so thankful and praying as well. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Aw! Your daughter is so sweet! And I do love the red spider lilies. They are so much fun and add so much movement to a garden. I enjoy your posts that share your garden because it is absolutely beautiful!

  4. I love the rich colors of all your blooms.

  5. Oh, Bonnie, you have some gorgeous specimens! I love those spider lilies, esp in the vase! And so glad you shared your daughter's thoughts on your vignettes, how rewarding must that feel? (and her artwork is beautiful, too!). I had cockscomb in my containers a few years back and only wish I could've found it thereafter - I love it! It's very hardy, and now you have your own! I didn't think to save seeds to plant myself. The sunrises, sunsets capture my attention, always, just as your beautiful shots did for you. I will step out in my bathrobe in early morning, and my pjs early evening, just to catch similar sights. Alabama is beautiful in September through your lens and your garden!

  6. Bonnie, what a beautiful post. Your spider lilies make quite the show. You have an amazing daughter. Mother always had beautiful cocks comb that looks like yours. Blessings Bonnie.

  7. Bonnie, how sweet your daughter is and I know it warms your heart that she notices all of your pretty little touches. Wow your spider lilies are stunning, I love them in your vase! The glorious lily is gorgeous as is the sunset! I haven’t bought a pumpkin or a mum, I must get busy! Thanks for your faithful support of Gardens Galore and linking all of your beautiful posts this year!

  8. Those spider lilies have always fascinated me, they are such an elegant flower! How sweet that your daughter not only noticed all your pretty vignettes, but that she appreciated them so much and shared them! Cloud art and sunsets fascinate me too, so beautiful!

  9. Bonnie, What pretty blooms! So sweet that your daughter lovingly shared your vignettes and floral touches. I need to board the IG train, but haven't taken the plunge. I feel so overwhelmed already with social media. Thank you for your sweet comments and concerns about our safety. We were very fortunate that we didn't have any storm damage other than limbs from trees down or flooding. Only 5 inches of rain compared to 2 feet or more that the coastal areas received.

  10. Those spider lilies and the cana -- WOW. Those are just dazzling.

    I hope you aren't getting too much rain as Florence moves on. Not quite sure where you are in AL (right, Alabama?) but I heard it might get wet there.

  11. Oh Bonnie, your Spider Lilies are just so beautiful! All the beauty in this world makes one wonder how people cannot believe there is a God, right? That was so very sweet of your daughter to share her Mama's pretty touches. Goodness, but that unnamed vine on the fence is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing the beauty in your world.

  12. This is such a beautiful post, Bonnie. We've been having beautiful bright pink skies here too. Love those spider lilies and I need to get some of those. You captured this season so perfectly. I'm sure it makes you feel so happy that your daughter recognizes the things you do to make your home loving and welcoming. It would me. :)

  13. Bonnie, your fall flowers in the garden are beautiful. I see so many pretty blooms and I love that you cut them to enjoy inside. How sweet of your daughter, I know when you saw her instagram your heart melted. All we do does not go unnoticed! Thanks for sharing that.......
    Hope your week is going well.........

  14. Bonnie, your flowers are so pretty! And I love that your daughter lovingly shared your vignettes and floral touches on IG. It's always a blessing to know that what we do doesn't go unnoticed, isn't it? Those tiger lilies are glorious. xo Lidy

  15. I think your photos are lovely...enjoy everyday in your garden.

  16. Bonnie, your daughter is a sweetie to share your lovely flowers. Your garden looks so lovely with fresh blooms. Zinnias are so pretty. Those lilies are gorgeous. Here’s to happy commenting. Let me know if things work out.

  17. Bonnie I almost cried at your zinnias because they were my mother's favorite flower and yours are so beautiful. Your garden is amazing. My daughter comments on my posts once in a while and it always is rewarding.

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  19. The drying procedure takes from 10 to 20 days, contingent upon the plant. At the point when dried, the stems should snap.

  20. Very beautiful flowers. These lilies are great examples! On a thin high leg a bright flower. I like them very much. I am happy to cut them for home. In a vase, they look great.


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