Monday, April 4, 2016

Cedar Wax Wings

The Cedar Wax Wings have been visiting my garden this week. They have feasted on Mahonia berries and there are still plenty of berries left.  I was especially pleased to catch the full face in this pic with a berry in his mouth.They didn't seem to mind being photographed.

 I really enjoyed watching them and was intrigued to learn more about them.
 According to my bird field guide the female and male look the same. Their nest is a cup type and both male and female construct the nest.Usually 4-6 eggs pale blue with brown markings.They have one brood per year and they feed on cedar cones from cedar trees, fruit and insects.
 They have beautiful markings and with my zoom I was able to see the pretty details and colors. The description in my field guide describes them as very sleek-looking gray to brown bird with pointed crest,light yellow belly and bandit like mask. Tip of tail is bright yellow and the tips of wings look as if they have been dipped in red wax.

 I counted at least 15 birds that swooped down all at once and began to eat. I happened to be sitting outside and hurried inside to get my camera.
They travel mostly in flocks moving from area to area looking for berries.
A few years back they stopped for water in my bird bath.

Do Cedar Wax Wings visit your garden?


  1. Bonnie, it's a great thing you have the Mahonia in your garden because they like it. :)

    I'm not sure that I've ever seen one in person but I just looked it up and the website said they are abundant in Texas during the winter. Maybe I need to plant a Mahonia.

    So glad you posted this today. I love the birds.

    1. I've been reading about the birds this evening. I ran across this article about a strange event with Cedar Waxwings that happened about 3 miles from my house but it was before we moved here. I guess I need to be on the lookout for them.

  2. These pictures are delightful, they have made my day! The Cedars look absolutely in their element!

  3. Bonnie, what a beautiful post on the cedar wax wing. I have a lot of birds but never this one that I'm aware of. Your camera sure captured the beautiful of this pair, I love the tip of color on the tails. What a nice visit for you while sitting outside.
    Happy day dear friend………..

  4. Bonnie, such beautiful photos of the Cedar Wax Wing! We had them to build a nest right outside our laundry room window last year and I so enjoyed watching them! Happy Tuesday, Pam

  5. Bonnie, Your photos are FANTASTIC, especially the one with the berry in his mouth!! I haven't seen any at our birdbath or yard, maybe due to lack of berries though we do have cedar trees on the edge of our property. It looks like from the range map they're only in NC in the winter and Alabama too for that matter. Gorgeous birds, I would have been thrilled to see them. ♥

  6. WOW, that first photo is magazine worthy, Bonnie. It was like old home days at the bird bath! They are such a pretty bird, so sleek. I don't think I have ever seen a waxwing around here. We have lots of blue jays and cardinals, though.
    Enjoy the week.

  7. What a beautiful bird and how nice that you have lots of them visiting you!!!

  8. What beautiful photos of beautiful birds! They are incredible! xx

  9. My dear Bonnie, what stunning photos! The first photo is quite beautiful :)

    What a joy to have these lovely bird visiting you - enjoy!

    Hugs and blessing to you!

  10. Hello Bonnie, not sure if my comment went through. I tried leaving you one from my ipad too. Darn that snap thing! Love your beautiful photos. i can never get close enough to take pictures of our birds. i guess I need a telephoto lens. I haven't heard of these birds. They are lovely. Thanks again for sharing at DI&DI. Blessings

  11. Bonnie, what beautiful pictures! My mercy that's a lot of little birdies in that bird bath! Just love it...I do! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  12. What a perfect shot with that berry in his mouth! I love it. Birds are always so quick to fly away. You got a great shot here.

  13. These photos are absolutely gorgeous!!! I only had cedar waxwings one time in my garden in a previous house and I was awed by their beauty! Absolutely gorgeous - thank you for sharing these photos!

  14. Wow Bonnie, your pictures are AMAZING!!! They look straight out of a bird book! Unfortunately, I've never seen Cedar Waxwings in our yard here. However, we do sometimes see them at the coast when we're on vacation at the beach house. In fact, I believe we saw some last year. They really are beautiful, and their markings are so unusual. Good for you capturing these shots -- especially the big group on the bird bath.

    Thanks for sharing with us and have a good day, my friend. :)




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