Monday, June 16, 2014

Grandchildren are special

Our daughter's children visited us recently. They posed sweetly right before church.

Watermelon is always a big hit. Our first melon of the summer and it was very refreshing.

Making and decorating cupcakes was a fun activity but, of course, their favorite part was eating them.

 We took them to the beach ( Panama City, FL) for several days and stayed in cabins on the bay at a Naval Recreation area. I didn't take my big camera but snapped this with my phone. They were intrigued with reveille in the morning and retreat in the evening. Upon hearing the bugle we were called to attention and saluted at the end of the work day. We weren't dressed in the morning to participate but they learned about military customs and patriotism.

We enjoyed boating to Shell Island nearby and they enjoyed swimming in the bay then walked through the sand dunes to the ocean side. I didn't get any pics of that. We enjoyed a picnic lunch and headed back to our cabin. That night we rode across the bay to a restaurant for dinner. I would have preferred driving in the car but my husband enjoys taking the boat and the kids do too. Are any of you familiar with Uncle Ernie's in Panama City? Great food!

The next week was Bible School at our church which they enjoyed immensely then it was time for them to go home. Then for us, it was on to Texas to visit our son's family.

Our Texas grandchildren are both redheads. Elise - 18 months

She is a sweetheart.

Will will be four in December.
Our DIL has so much patience! She teaches them how to whisk salad dressing. This salad was delicious and so was the salad dressing.
You may remember Will when he was much younger cracking eggs below.

You may view movie here.
They help all the time!

Usually I am snapping tons of pictures but this visit I enjoyed the moment. My husband made lots of movies on his iPad and I am glad since I was not as attentive.
We had great visits with our grandchildren. We love them very much! 


  1. Grandchildren are the best. Yours are just adorable. So fun to spend time with them.

  2. Oh Bonnie,
    What darling grandchildren you have and making memories is the best!
    I've never told you, but I love the name of your blog. The name is something that I am striving to do in my life. xo

  3. Awe...your grands are beautiful! Love all the pictures and yes, those grandbabies are truly special! Do not know what I did before I had mine! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Oh my goodness, I love this post! My grandparents used to take me to Panama City Beach to a place called (I think) Petticoat Junction (or was that just the TV show?) It was a wild west place with a train and gun shoot-outs. I swam in the bay around Shell Island too. Your grandson Will looks a lot like my son did when he was that age with beautiful, glowing red hair! I love how they cook in the kitchen. It's such a great teaching moment.
    So glad you've had fun with your family this summer!

  5. Absolutely precious! Your grandchildren are delightful, dear Bonnie :) Have a beautiful day! Hugs

  6. It looks as though you have been having a wonderful time visiting with and being visited by your grandchildren. How great that they all love to help with the cooking so much! xx

  7. Oh Bonnie
    I loved seeing your grandies - they make our world complete.
    Yours are all beautiful and how wonderful for you being able to spend time with them and do fun things.
    The cup cakes looked great and the sight of the little ones standing on chairs at the bench - it pulls at my heartstrings.
    I live in New Zealand and my three granddaughters are in France... I visit them every year for a couple of months but this year I'm not able to make the trip.


  8. Yes, we go to Uncle Ernie's every time we visit my sister and her husband when they come to beach cottage in P.C.

    I remember a couple in Enterprise who had four redheaded boys and neither of the parents were redheaded! They owned a frame shop on moved Glover Avenue at the time, but I cannot remember where they went after leaving Enterprise.

  9. Loved the pics of your precious grands! There is nothing better than enjoying your grandchildren! MAxine


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