Friday, December 11, 2009

 My mother's crystal from the 1940's is by Fostoria and it is so special to me. I love my crystal from the 70's but it does not compare to Meadow Rose by Fostoria.

Vintage ornaments always draw my eye. I love pretty nostalgic ornaments!

 Gardening is a passion of mine and I learned recently how to buy a fresh poinsettia. I am continually amazed that you can goggle anything. I goggled "how to buy a poinsettia" and there are many pointers. Check it out.


  1. What a beautiful home you have. I love your dishes.. so elegant. Thank you for stopping by. Pop in any 'ole time..hugs ~lynne~

  2. Beautiful crystal! I have the same china too :) Your home looks lovely. That's a beautiful container for the poinsettia.

  3. Hi Bonnie, Gorgeous your china and your so right about the is really beautiful!
    Google just amazes me, too. Remember the old days of treking to the library to do research or reading through the encyclopedias. We can find anything we want to know in seconds amazing! Now if I brain could just hold it all for longer than 5 minutes. LOL
    Thanks so much for stopping by the porch and your sweet comments!


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