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Hotel Deau ~ Beaune, France

Hotel Dieu~Beaune, France, the capitol of Burgundy. The exquisite burgundian tiles are spectacular.  Hotel Dieu was founded in 1443 by Nichols Rolin, the chancellor of the Duke of Burgundy, to help the needy. It was a small hospital until 1971. This medieval hospital is now a museum.

The glazed tiles are fired three times: first to harden, then to burn in the color and lastly for the glaze. They last for 300 years. They were redone in 1902. Facts source, Rick Steves' France guidebook.

This well dates back to 1443! Can we even wrap our minds around that???
The red, green, brown and yellow glazed tiles are intertwined in striking geometric designs.

The chapel was located in the front of the paupers ward and every three hours the patients could experience Mass from their beds.

It was very humbling to view medical tools of the medieval days.  



Notice the various weathervanes. Apparently Hotel Dieu has more weathervanes than any other building in France.
This room hosts banquets and special events. Picture beautiful floor length table cloths and stunning centerpieces with these gorgeous tapestries as a backdrop.
All the magnificent tapestries portray biblical stories. Each tapestry is a masterpiece of art.

Besides the amazing Burgundian colorful glazed roof tiles atop Hotel Dieu it is known for the polyptych representing the Last Judgement by flemish painter Rogier Van der Weyden.

 The austere front door view from the street. Having read about the beautiful tile roofs I kept wondering where they were. You can not see the roof tiles of the buildings behind unless you purchase a tour ticket and enter Hotel Dieu.

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  1. What a gorgeous and interesting trip! My son saw a building this weekend in New Orleans that was 200 years old and he was amazed. If only he could see this . . .

  2. Oh wow, Bonnie, what an amazing and fascinating trip! There is so much history there and how wonderful to be able to experience it. Thank you for sharing, sweet lady. Have a blessed week!

  3. Those roof tiles really are incredible aren't they. xx

  4. Your travel posts are very good! All the history and details you give make the pictures so much more interesting. I am impressed you remember so many details, I always forget so much by the time I get home from a trip. The age of buildings and art and such in Europe is just astounding! Do you feel like a "flower swiftly fading" while looking at those things? I am reminded of the scriptures that talk about our lives being just a breath or grass, here today and gone tomorrow. Sobering to think of all the centuries of feet that have trod the same places you did. Sorry to get all serious! :)
    Looks like y'all had a great time! Hugs!
    Kind Regards, Denise

  5. Wow Bonnie, what a tour! Thank you for taking me Long to learn about this fascinating bit of history. It must be humbling to be in the hospital, turned into a museum. Oh my, the art work that is there, too. I enjoyed my peek through your eyes.

  6. Such a fascinating peek into a lifestyle we can only begin to imagine! The roof tiles are incredible!

  7. You were here? How incredible! What a magnificent tour! Love the church and the tiles are beautiful. Well, shoot every little detail is more than beautiful. I love the upclose photo of the well.

  8. Wow, to think many of us could have actually been born in that hospital - 1971 wasn't THAT long ago. Yikes!

    Neat picture, love to learn about it, thank you.

  9. Wow! What a stunning place. Those tiles are amazing!

  10. Such beautiful paintings and roof tiles! I always enjoy seeing pics from your travels.

  11. On any trip to Europe I am fascinated by the structures built so many years ago using primitive techniques and resulting in such incredible beauty. I thought of you as we passed through Alabama on our way home from Maine this week. One of these days I'm going to have to find a way to stop.

  12. Great photos, Bonnie. We spent four days in Beaune in 2011. It is a lovely town with lots to see and do. The tile roofs are fascinating.
    Thanks for stopping by to visit and leaving a thoughtful comment about my Queen visitor.

  13. Wow Bonnie, this is so interesting! What a stunning building the Hotel-Dieu is! I showed my hubby your picture of the hospital beds; I've never seen such fancy hospital beds. This hospital seems to have been fairly advanced for the middle ages, don't you think? I have to say though, those medical and surgical tools give me the shivers. :) That looks like a bowl used for bleeding on the bottom shelf on the right -- what do you think?

    The tapestries and the tiled roofs are spectacular and the old well is really unique-looking! Your posts really make me want to visit France, my friend. :) I hope you have a great weekend, Bonnie!



  14. Bonnie, these photos are so pretty. I love the roof tiles and the history you shared with us. France is on our list of destinations and now you've made me want to go sooner than planned!!!

  15. I love that you have a heart
    for all of the beautiful details!
    It's often hard for my family to
    sightsee with me, as I am the
    "linger-er" in the group, taking
    in all the little things, too....

    What a trip. I bet your camera
    was clicking non-stop!

    xo Suzanne

  16. How beautiful and so amazing. Love the roof tile and all of the spectacular architecture. There is so much to see, you want to see it all and of course take pictures. We have been to France and really enjoyed our time there. I could go back, because it is something to behold and so many little towns to venture into. Barge trip Thanks so much for your sweet and kind words Bonnie.

  17. Such a wonderful tour of the Hotel Dieu, Bonnie As an RN I was fascinated by the medieval medical pharmacyand medical tools, etc. The tapestries and roof tiles are so beautiful!

  18. I must have missed this post when you shared it in November! Anyway, that roof! It's absolutely amazing! What a beautiful place!

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