Saturday, May 18, 2013

Garden planning and bird watching

The confederate jasmine is blooming on my arbors and their fragrance is intoxicating. The weather the last two weeks has been extremely pleasant and porch sitting is my favorite thing to do. I daydream and analyze my garden and watch the birds. They are amazing and I have so many questions about their habits. Decided finally to look up some things in my bird books and then pulled out several gardening books.
I have so many gardening books and I spent the afternoon looking at these and more daydreaming. One thing lead to another and I started thinking about the flowers on my grandmother's quilt and surrounding myself with pretty things I was thinking about.

A gardener should keep records and put plans on paper. I have a few times but my plans are mostly in my head. Making pictures and having them to refer to on my computer jogs my memory and my pictures are my records. Love the digital age.

As I have said before if you would read the books you have you would learn so many things.  On days like today I wish for friends sitting here discussing landscaping and  bird habits with me.
Do you spend as much time as I do thinking about what you should do next?

The quilt I am using as a tablecloth was made for me by my grandmother when I was a child. The squares are hand embroidered. When my grandmother did the embroidery and piece work she no longer was able to do quilting. The quilt pieces were in a cedar chest for years. After I married I had someone quilt the coverlet and used it on my daughter's bed for a number of years.

Do any of you remember a newspaper magazine called The Grit? I believe my grandmother ordered the pattern for this quilt top from that magazine. She made my sister the same quilt top with pink and blue squares.
More bird watching but this hummingbird is hard to photograph for a novice photographer like me.

Isn't this the sweetest thing? I couldn't believe I was able to capture it. Are they kissing? Feeding his mate?
 Bird watching and garden planning are fun. My hydrangeas are budding and a few are opening. Gardenias have swollen buds. This has been a fun afternoon to share with you.

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  1. OH BONNIE! Your garden is enchanting! LOOK AT Mr. and Mrs. "C" kissing! I would like to think they ARE kissing!

    It is a pleasure to meet you and see you came by today AND left a comment; that is something many people don't do, but thank you so I can come back here to see your magical world!

    We had huge rain showers today, but by mid day, the sun came out and so did all the people in the neighborhood. I got outside to plant some flower boxes and to enjoy the animal antics such as the finch that is feeding her little ones nested inside the bird house, the two rabbits deciding who the boxwood territory belong to, Timmy the squirrel who was sucking on a pork chop bone and Bumblelina the bee! (can you tell I love nature?)

    Your tablecloth is gorgeous with the embroidery. Enjoy your time outside, and many thanks for coming by to visit! Anita

  2. OH! I and I see that you find it very important to have binoculars on hand! I have a pair near my French doors overlooking the garden so I don't miss a beat!

  3. I enjoyed this post today. I've been out on a garden tour today with my mother in law. It was so much fun to see other gardens and visit with people who all have a love of flowers and birds. Your post fits in perfectly. :)

    The cardinals are feeding each other, I bet. I've watched them at our feeders and I've seen them doing that. Isn't it sweet?

  4. Lovely! I so judge a blog by my first peek at it. As soon as your page opened, I was in love. Your header is stunning, and this gardening post was so touching! I am an avid gardener, and feel I have found a kindred spirit!

  5. Your confederate jasmine is stunning on the arbor. I am training my to run up the fence, and yes the fragrance is intoxicating! I love how you use your quilt as a tablecloth. Thanks for the garden tour. I wish I had planned more for my beds. Happy Spring.

    The French Hutch

  6. Like you, I have a gazillion garden books. But it seems I never actually get around to reading them, I just devour the pictures... much more fun. If I actually read them, I might be a Master Gardener by now. That is a most impressive jasmine! I planted one this Spring, But it will be a wee tike for quite awhile.

  7. One can never have enough gardening books. Love your cloche. The confederate jasmine is absolutely gorgeous on that arbor. I bet it smells divine.

    Happy spring to you.....Linda

  8. Bonnie, I love this post. and your basil and especially the maidenhair pretty on your quilt tablecloth..I love to do just what you were doing..grab a stack of gardening books and go to my deck and read and dream and plan....kinda reminds me of birds of a feather flock together...happy gardening my friend..
    Love, Mona

  9. Those birds are so beautiful!!! And your jasmine, BE STILL MY HEART!!! Love your use of the quilt as a tablecloth. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments. The other day our young grandson was over and we thought we saw a dragonfly in the yard, even though it seemed too early.... and lo and behold it was actually a hummingbird! I took a photo of him after he perched on the top of a distant tree but it was too far away for a good photo...


  10. This is such a pretty post, Bonnie, and I think it shows us so much about your personality and your interests in life. The quilt is just beautiful, and what a precious treasure and keepsake! I have a quilt with Dutch dolls on it that my paternal grandmother had someone make for me as a graduation gift. It's so heavy, it's incredibly warm. My sister got one too, of course. Grandparents are really special, aren't they?

    Your garden is lovely, Bonnie; I always enjoy getting a glimpse of it in your posts. We have several gardening books, too. I think you got a great shot of the hummingbird, and I'm pretty sure the male cardinal is feeding the female. My MIL was just telling me a few days ago that she sees them doing that on her deck a lot. I think it's really cute. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  11. Holy mackerel!!! Look at the way that arbor is teeming with foliage and flowers!!! It's so pretty! I wish I had an arbor or two in our yard!!!!

    It's so sweet that you are using and able to admire on a daily basis the quilt your Grandmother made for you. I think it's doubly sweet that you had the project completed later in life! Your Grandmother would be so proud of you and happy that you cared enough to hang onto the pieces for all those years!

  12. Bonnie:

    I'm loving that arbor!

    It's great to have you link your creative ideas to Seasonal Sundays, but you need to complete the linking info, such as your email address.

    Thank you.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. You know I love your sweet quilt Bonnie! I love the colors and embroidered squares! Your post has all my favorite things... with the bits of your garden, books, and birds, cloche & nest! I've never been able to capture a hummer with my lens, they are just too quick! Love your arbor, the jasmine must be heavenly!

  14. YOur garden is beautiful. I love the green archway, and the quilt is fabulous. Such a lovely setting. Of course I am drooling over the cloche. Perfect. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  15. Hi Bonnie,

    Was lovely to discover your blog and many thanks for visiting me.
    Your garden is so very beautiful and must be gorgeous sitting out there admiring it and seeing the sweet birds about.
    Happy week and I am your newest follower

  16. Oh sweet Bonnie, your garden looks amazing! The green archway is beautiful and your setting is gorgeous, I love the quilt with the embroidery in it and the cloche with the nest is adorable...I need to make a cloch now! Thank you for visiting me, you made my day!
    Have a super week.

  17. Jasmine and gardenias are blooming in my yard, and I do love them, but they are making me sneeze like crazy. Perfume smells do that. Isn't it wonderful to be able to sit outside and enjoy all that is around us this time of year. It's about to get too hot in Houston to spend much time outside, but we leave for Maine Thursday where there will be lots of porch days. Love your quilt and the story that goes with it.

  18. Bonnie, your garden
    sounds heavenly.....
    Gardenias and Jasmine
    and Hydrangeas, oh my!

    Both bird shots are simply
    wonderful, as is the very
    special quilt. My Mei-Mei
    was determined to make an
    embroidered quilt for my
    daughter when she was born.
    The stitches are shaky, but
    it is filled with her sweet heart
    and love.

    Thank you for your kind
    comment about my first
    chick taking flight. I so
    appreciate the wisdom
    and support from my
    blog friends!

    xo Suzanne

  19. Delightful post! The quilt on your table is so pretty and perfect for spring. LOVE the photos you captured of the hummingbird and the other two "kissing." I do a lot of daydreaming about what I'd like to do around the yard and home.
    Mary Alice

  20. What a delightful post!!
    Your gardens, the birds, your grandmother's quilt, all of it just made my heart sing!!
    Thanks for the little stroll in your garden.


  21. Bonnie,
    Your grandmother's quilt on the table is so charming!! And those sweet Bird's are so cute!! A truly beautiful post!!


  22. Oh, Bonnie. Love the maidenhair fern and basil sitting on that beautifully covered table! You know it makes my heart smile that you are using your grandmothers handwork. =) Such beauty you have created to surround yourself. Thank you for this beautiful glimpse. blessings ~ tanna

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