Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Dessert in the Garden

I received the nicest surprise in the mail recently from Rita @Panoply. 
This lovely vintage tablecloth and napkins as well as the nostalgic milk glass cake plate were part of her purge that she offered to bloggers. 
I love vintage things and enjoy knowing their history. Rita said the cake stand came from the estate of a widow that was downsizing and her kids called her the black widow because she outlived four husbands.

I was thrilled to receive these wonderful items that she acquired at estate sales. She and her sisters have a booth at their local antique mall  in Charleston,West Virginia. If I ever get to West Virginia I plan to visit Rita and their shop.

I also received a Fiesta vase that I will use in another post. Rita thought I might enjoy this tablecloth in my garden when the hydrangeas bloom and I certainly will. However, I told her I could not wait that long to use it. Fortunately, my bridal wreath was blooming and provided a nice backdrop to show off my new cake stand and tablecloth.
My mother had a cake stand like this which explains my nostalgia about a milk glass cake plate.  My sister has it so I am very happy to have one of my own now. I told Rita I was going to make a homemade coconut cake and photograph the cake plate.  I have been craving a coconut cake but by the time I could make a cake my bridal wreath probably would not be as pretty. So, I bought one and was pleasantly surprised how good it was.
Using  fresh hydrangea leaves under the cake is something I learned from Ina Garten years ago. I also use them under Brie or other cheeses for appetizers.

 I wish Rita and I could enjoy a piece of coconut cake and a glass of iced tea together. Maybe one day that will happen. Thank you so much Rita, for your generosity and friendship. Enclosed in the package was the nicest handwritten note which is so rare these days.

Have a beautiful week.


  1. Good morning Bonnie, what a gorgeous vintage cloth and napkins! It is stunning set against your bridal wreath. Rita has been so generous and is a wonderful blogging friend!. The milk glass cake stand is beautiful and the coconut cake is perfect to show off its beauty. How much fun it would be to sit in your lovely garden and enjoy cake and conversation. Happy Wednesday dear friend!

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    1. Bonnie, that bridal wreath is a stunning backdrop for the garden seating, and certainly brings to life my vision for your gifts. Thank you for sharing this, how gorgeous! I'm so happy you have these things now and are using them - much better than being in bins and drawers! The cake presentation is beautiful, too. (shame on me for not proofing my comment first. I saw Pam's comment and mistyped your name initially! My apologies, but I'll blame it on lack of coffee at that time. 😉

  3. Oh Bonnie, it's just beautiful! Isn't Rita the best? I participated in the purge, too, and was four-star delighted! I love how you were able to set up with the gorgeous tablecloth and then the cake plate! That scalloped plate looks really beautiful with the coconut cake -- which I'm betting was four star!

  4. Bonnie, your tablescape looks so pretty against that bridal wreath. How beautiful. I have never been a huge fan of coconut cake until several year ago and a niece made one. She kept it cold until ready to serve and asked that I please try a slice. I did and it was delicious. Love all of your pretties. Ooh....the lady outlived 4 husbands? Wow! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Oh my, Bonnie, how beautifully you have debuted these wonderful gifts. I agree they could not wait especially with your bridal wreath as a background. Beautiful tablecloth. Rita must be a very loving and generous person. Blessings to you Bonnie.

  6. Bonnie, what a lovely tablecloth and napkins. And, against your gorgeous bridal wreath. How absolutely perfect it would be to enjoy your garden, the wonderful cake and such a beautiful table. Your garden is so far ahead of ours. The bridal wreath (my mom's favorite) doesn't bloom here until mid May.

    I also participated in Rita's purge - it was like Christmas morning when that sweet box arrived. However, I do believe it is Rita who is the most special treat. It has been a joy to get to know her and other lovely blogging friends. That includes you, Bonnie! Have a wonderful day - thank you for a lovely post!

  7. Such a pretty setting for a a sweet treat! Love the cake platter as milk glass is one of my favorite dishes!!

  8. Oh Bonnie, it is all so stunning!! so sweet of Rita to share her goodies, and she choose the perfect home for this cloth and cake stand. That is a funny story about the widow, your cake stand will be a fun topic of conversation for gatherings! By the way, your cake looks delicious!

  9. Just beautiful Bonnie! I love the your bridal wreath blooming in the background...it is the perfect way to show off that gorgeous tablecloth and cake plate from Rita! Enjoy ♥

  10. Hi Bonnie, This is just a stunning setting with the bridal wreath and lovely gifts from dear Rita. How nice you now have your own milk glass cake plate and the coconut cake looks so pretty. It had to be delicious! I love how you use the hydrangea leaves. Have a wonderful week.

  11. What lovely gifts. I'd say Rita did very good and you did very good in your use of them. I'd love a piece of that coconut cake too. No one in my family will eat coconut except me so I never get coconut cake. I can't imagine what their problem is. :o)) Never have seen hydrangea leaves used like that and I have lots of them. I'll remember that little touch. Happy new week!

  12. Bonnie,
    I so enjoy your gardens and the background they provide for these lovely outdoor gatherings for a group or for two.
    Rita's treasures always delight and her kind generosity to many of us was indeed a happy treat. I can certainly understand why you are thrilled. Such a beautiful cake stand and the story behind it is intriguing.
    Thank you for the tip on placing magnolia leaves underneath a dessert for presentation and serving. I love this idea!

  13. Oh how lovely is the coconut cake on the stand, Bonnie!! Your tablecloth is just so pretty, too. I wish you and Rita could enjoy a slice of cake together, too, but maybe someday you will meet. I love the hydrangea leaves on the stand, and I will remember that tip! Enjoy your week, Bonnie!

  14. So beautiful, Bonnie! I love the pretty blue of the tablecloth, and the coconut cake looks delicious. I love it when you share your beautiful back garden!


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